“That’s why I’m a fairy, right?”


June 3, 2015

“That’s why I’m a fairy, right?”

By Yevdokia Sheremetyeva (littlehirosima)

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

Yesterday evening I discovered a message sent to me on Facebook:

“Good evening, Yevdokia! Greetings from Lugansk! Many thanks for your kind, helping heart!…Which beats in order to make people happy in this difficult time!! Your aid was a genuine miracle to us! We did not expect it!!! You infected us with your optimism!!! You realize how many people are out there who are trying to help and make things better just by reading the comments under your posts!! I don’t have the words to express my gratitude, especially since the project is under the direction of a tiny fragile fairy!! HER deeds are very great indeed–may God help you do good! We’ll pray and wait and believe that people like you will make the world better and cleaner! May god help you and give health to your loved ones!! Thank you, our dear fairly, and until we meet again!
Viki’s Mom

But the most important is that Viktoria is getting better and sends her greetings
The little fragile fairy is thus submitting her report 😉

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Vika came under our care during our last trip in mid-May when we visited her family in Lugansk and found her in terrible condition. She lost a brother 2 months ago who, like her, also suffered from diabetes. There’s no father, and her mother also has to take care of her own bedridden mother. The girl stopped eating and was wasting away before our eyes. Having lost 15kg, Vika almost lost her sight and her front teeth fell out. She could barely stand up when we visited her. But the most striking was her unwillingness to live.
We, but mainly Lena, my friend and colleague, a Lugansk volunteer, managed to get her into a hospital and get treatment.
Vika keeps calling us, and her voice is ringing in our ears ;). But she still refuses to address me informally, she hasn’t gotten used to it.
She’s in hospital right now. She eats with appetite and is regaining weight. She’s doing much better. We have transferred money to hire a caregiver for her grandmother so that the mother can spend time with her in the hospital, which is very important.
Lena makes daily deliveries of dietetic foods and those medicines which can be bought on the Donbass.
Lenochka, you have our gratitude! Vika told me that “Lena is like a mother to us”.
We already sent medicines and money for everything Vika needs by bus from Moscow.

However her eyesight is not improving much. She sees everything with spots, and the doctor says that she’ll need laser surgery. However, it’s too soon to talk about that, right now she needs to recover because her medical problems were severe indeed.

As we wrote before, her condition depends largely on supply of high-quality insulin which you can’t find in Lugansk. We brought her some and we’ll bring more on the next trip–it can’t be sent by bus since it requires refrigeration.
Vika, don’t worry! We’ll never abandon you, that’s why I’m a fairy, right?
And you’re our girl! And we’ll write and write to give you support.
And soon Vika will have her birthday.
We’ll get her gifts. I have some ideas.
Yekaterina Shkenyova already sent a package from England, and Natalya Shaldyayeva is sending a surprise all the way from Australia.
No, I’m not hinting at anything…

And, as always–
If you want contribute to humanitarian aid, contact me through my livejournal account, through Facebook, or via email: [email protected] Everything will be delivered and reported.

Incidentally, there is at least one site on the internet which claims to be working on my behalf–avoid them, they are fraudsters. I don’t put out humanitarian aid bank account information on the internet, I only give it out through correspondence with interested parties, so if you see anyone post bank info claiming it’s for me, don’t believe it.

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