The battle of petitions: who wants to nuke each other more, Russia or USA? (video)

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June 11, 2015

Kristina Rus

The recent video by Mike Dice, asking Americans to nuke Russia caused a stir not only in the English segment of the Internet, but also made its waves in Russia thanks to our interconnected social media world.

In response, a correspondent from a popular Russian paper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” went to Crimea on a quest to find out, how many Russians will sign a petition to nuke USA.

Here is what he found: 

– We are here in Crimea, in a sunny Alushta. We, Komsomolskaya Pravda, will conduct a social experiment. An American blogger came out on a beach and asked the public to sign a petition to nuke Russia. We decided to see how blood-thirsty Crimeans really are and ask them to sign a petition t0 nuke America.

– In light of American aggression on Russia, Americans collected signatures to nuke Russia. 

– I didn’t hear about that

– We decided to respond by collecting signatures to ask the Russian Ministry of Defense to do a preventive strike on America. 

– I thought they only wanted to put missile defense in Europe

– No, they really want to strike Russia, will you sign a petition for a preventive strike?

– I don’t have my passport with me, but I can sign it. I am not saying the victims are justified, but I have not heard that a preventive strike is being prepared. 

– So as a preventive move, you don’t mind?

– To get over it with America? Why not, but I don’t think it will get to that. [signs]


– Will you sign?

– No

– Why?

– I am for peace in the world


– We want to keep neutrality, why do we need war?


– Please ask someone else


– Do you want us to strike America, the president decides that. This decision should be made not by citizens, but by commander in chief. Do you know how the vertical of power works? I can sign it, but it’s a stupid idea. I think a nuclear war will destroy the planet, and no one will win, neither Russia or America, everyone will just die from radiation. Ok. [reads, laughs, signs]


– They want to strike Russia? To strike them? Nooo, I don’t want a strike…


– No, why?


– We have to throw potatoes at them, we don’t have anything else. I am 65 years old, I heard it all, served, worked. I am for peace


– I am for peace, nothing will happen. There are people too, let them sign it. 


– No, they will decide without us, our signatures will not decide anything


– This is impossible in principle. Not one thinking person will sign this. This is not Hiroshima and Nagasaki, now all the countries have this. I am from Orenburg, where our strategic nuclear forces are located, and knowing our potential not one country will mess with us. No one will attack us. I am not an optimist, I am sure of this. 


– What is a preventive strike? No, I am against it. What for? They didn’t strike us. No, no. I am for peace. From Belgorod. 


– No [laughs]. It’s their problems. I think mister Putin will solve everything.


– As a result we collected two signatures so far, one signed for fun, another, because didn’t know much. Anyhow there are peaceful people here in Crimea, so you should come and visit!     

Source: Cassad

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