The boring G7 consensus about the sacrifice of Europe


June 15, 2015

Mikhail Khazin

Translated by Kristina Rus

The reasons for G7 “boredom”

Last week a meeting of G7 was held, which I used to comment on “off the press”. This time I did not and there was a reason. The fact is after G8 has returned to the format of G7 on a political level (and Russia was never there at the economic level), this event has finally turned into a conclave of the leaders of the “Western” global project. Moreover, political leaders are, by definition, tightly constrained in expressing their thoughts and ideas. While I am far from idealizing the role of Russia in this event, however, a conclave in itself is very different from events attended by outsiders. 

In this sense, the Bilderberg club is much more interesting, there people are not limited by formal bureaucratic and populist-political constraints. And at G7 even if something real was discussed, it cannot be talked about out loud. And therefore, I will try to explain what was the intrigue of this summit and why it had passed so quietly.

If we assume that in the United States it became understood that it is impossible to save the financial markets (primarily stock) from collapse, and thereafter the system of support of private demand will finally collapse, they must answer the main question: who will ensure the salvation of their economy in these conditions. Or else, who will pay for propping up demand in the United States, in contrast to the rest of the world? 

The only potential source is the European Union, which enjoys quite high living standards that can be used to maintain the standard of living in the United States. Of course, people in Western Europe will become much poorer, but the “Western values” are worth it, right? There is nothing nicer than crying from hunger and staring at 100 varieties of cold cuts on the shelves, which you can’t buy because you are broke, to feel proud that you contributed to the preservation of “freedom” and “democracy”.

I note that China is pursuing a similar project – for which it is building a new “Great Silk Road”. And the US are interfering, blowing up Ukraine and possibly Central Asia. However, let’s go back to the modern “Western” policy. The tool with which the U.S. wants to shift the demand of EU citizens towards their products is the creation of a North Atlantic free trade zone.

Today Germany is increasing its exports to the United States with the growth of the dollar relative to the Euro. Once the non-tariff barriers protecting EU markets are removed, Western Europe and Germany in particular will feel the same thing that Eastern Europe and the Baltic States felt after joining the EU: they will have to turn into a market for American goods. Hardly Bulgarians wanted to liquidate their industry – but no one asked them. This will be the same thing.

It’s not even about Merkel, who, apparently, is willing to sell the entire Germany wholesale and retail (especially because she won’t have to starve, and she doesn’t have children or grandchildren). It’s just in the EU the level of social protection (there was no Thatcher and Reagan, so the unions had remained) is higher than in the US, and taxes are also higher. Therefore, in conditions of equal competition the industry of Western Europe will lose to America – with all the ensuing consequences. And if someone will survive – Frau Merkel will help the Americans, with her ideas of support for the “Western” project. It may not help the US, but the industry in Western Europe will be completely destroyed, as it happened with Bulgaria.

Overall, the American plan is clear – the agreement must be made at whatever cost, and the sooner the better. There is indirect evidence that there is not much time remaining before the collapse and, therefore, the situation needs to be forced. But that’s impossible, if it is openly discussed. It is for this reason that I think that G7 discussed this – how to quickly and painlessly conclude the TTIP agreement, and in  a way that this subject is not actively discussed.

And I don’t need to give the US tips on how to shut up the media, they are experts in this, but there are external forces: China and Russia. China pulled out Snowden, who with his revelations spoiled a lot of blood of the “Western” project elites (because, apparently, he’s a real American patriot), it is in Russia that he found shelter today. By the way, the predecessor of Snowden, Assange, also annoys the West, recently reporting that the U.S. has plans not only in relation to the EU, but also a number of Pacific countries. And these agreements will not only include their members in a free trade zone, but also eliminate their national sovereignty, by transferring it into the hands of “international economic tribunals”. Everyone understands whose interests they defend.

For this reason, all international organizations and clubs (including the G7) will soon become awfully quiet and peaceful. They have already decided everything, the objectives are defined, the tasks are established, the main thing – that the people do not rebel early. Therefore, everything will be quiet and God-fearing. It will not surprise me if they will cease to blame Russia and, partially, will satisfy its demands on Ukraine. In exchange for a sharp reduction in activity in the media in exposing the real meaning of modern politics.

Because if free trade agreements (with all the attendant circumstances, providing transnational corporations advantages over nation-States) will not be signed before the collapse – they will never be signed. Moreover, some will have to be responsible for everything previously done. But this is not very desirable. And for this reason in the near future politics in the European Union and the U.S. will be terribly boring – covering up secretly implemented plans. And so the people are not bored, they will be given ISIS, volcanoes, tsunamis and other distracting images.

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