The Distraction Worked: Odessa Uprising fears cause Kiev to Move Troops


June 3rd, 2015

by: Django for – translated by Joaquin Flores

[editor’s note: The basic idea of this article revolves around whether the stories that Odessa was going to rise up was an infowar type distraction meant to pull Kiev Junta troops away from reinforcing the areas where today’s fighting happened, or if there is still a chance of an uprising which (only) additionally was used to pull troops away.  Transnistria also therefore plays a role. We have also published the other stories which this refers to, and linked them in place of the originals.] 

It looks like the distraction game worked as it was supposed to.  Today it became known that the junta sent troops to tighten Odessa and the surrounding regions, for fear of a military coup in the area.

Remember this great article here:

Thus it is not just for show, but instead it is the the plan. The network of supporters of Novorossiya began actively moving towards an imminent rebellion in Odessa, and the SBU, which of course monitors Cont and many other websites, immediately reports to Poroshenko, or someone out there in the Ukraine, the details.  Poroshenko or someone out there decides that it is necessary to redeploy some troops to protect, and already redeployed some troops (S-300 and others).


OPR soldiers said that they are ready to take the S-300 division under their control, and destroy it if needed.

Yes, ready. Probably. Yes, but it does not matter; the main thing that Poroshenko is frightened. The information diversion seems successful.

Meanwhile, in Donetsk, according to the reps of the Pravy Sector, which appears to not believe what’s said online, a massive attack is prepared on Ukrainian positions by Novorossia forces


“They have gained the strength to strike, they will be deceptive and their direction will be the main battlefield. 3 – 4 shock formations, they have. In Donetsk, there they can go to Konstantinovka. Slavyansk, for them it is symbolic. The second direction – Mariupol. The third – a village Lugansk, Schastye, there arises another “cauldron”. And Volnovaha. They will wait until dry field to launch an offensive. We do not see them from the field but we can by aircraft. No definitive conclusions “, – says Yarosh. According to him, the information is based on survey data.


You can draw two conclusions.

First, Odessa talk is still a pure fake-out, nothing there, and is not yet ready, and Novorosa articles were really informational sabotage aimed at pulling forces of Ukraine to the east of the country to the West.

Second, Odessa is still really ready to revolt, and the redeployment of additional troops of Ukraine in the region means that Kiev considers the threat seriously.

In any case, there is also Transnistria, which related to the redeployment of troops in the Odessa region, as a threat, is immediate:

This means that Transnistria is directly on the eastern border bringing additional power, so the newly introduced Ukrainian troops will be already tied down by the new forces of Transnistria, which means that to withdraw from the Odessa area will not be so easy.

Interestingly, in a large-scale offensive in the DNR & LC, will Odessa and Transdniestria enter into a confrontation with Kiev? Or will they wait until the part of the forces of Ukraine will transfer back to the East, then to strike at the rear? I would choose such tactics.

Well, a little bit about Saakashvili. It seems he was scared by appeals to kidnap him from Odessa and tried in Moscow. From Poroshenko he asked to be given some protection from a number of elite commandos. No, of course he argues that  it was Poroshenko’s desire to give him such protection. But we know how it was, right Mishiko? 😉

PS. About capturing Saakashvili, why is it necessary and why I recommend my previous article:

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