The Hypocrisy of Russia’s “Liberals”


June 7, 2015

“Respect, Ukraine!”

By Boris Rozhin (colonel_cassad)

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

[Zvyagintsev’s “tweets” posted above state:

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“Respect Ukraine”

“The movie Leviathan was not banned in Ukraine, in spite of the law. Thank you! I love you.”

This is a reflection of the film’s, which was filmed with the RF Ministry of Culture support (heh-heh) political subtext.

P.S. Concerning other movies, there’s the unexpectedly decent film “Territory” about geologists, I’ll write a review in a few days.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Looks like we’ll have another guest “Movie of the Week” post–I haven’t seen “Territory” yet, but I trust Rozhin’s judgment when it comes to evaluating such offerings.

Aside from that, Zvyagintsev’s post is breathless in its hypocrisy as well as cynicism. No, banning movies is perfectly OK, as long as those aren’t my movies, only movies which contain political ideas I don’t agree with. As to Zvyagintsev’s politics, I’ve reviewed one of his movies already, The Return, which does a pretty good job of reflecting the political bent of Russia’s so-called “liberals.”

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