The Stunning Hypocrisy of US Criticism over Russia’s Military Expansion [video]


June 18th, 2015

The US has slammed Russia’s decision to increase the size of its nuclear arsenal as destructive regarding the de-escalation of the conflict in the region.

The White House spokesman also reiterated Washington’s commitment to the collective defense of its NATO allies. His remarks came in response to Russian president’s announcement that more than 40 inter-continental missiles will be added to the country’s nuclear arsenal within this year. 

The decision drew reactions from the NATO chief, who says the alliance is implementing its biggest defense reinforcement since the Cold War.

Flores appears to be at a loss for words with the stunning hypocrisy of NATO command and US leadership, the US which has over 800 military bases around the world and which has aggressively pushed by leaps and bounds over the last 25 years towards Russian space.  It is they of all people who warn of ‘Russian nuclear expansion’.

How else can a sovereign state respond to aggression?

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