This is what America calls excessive use of force in Armenia “electricity” protests (video)

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June 23, 2015

Kristina Rus

This is what America calls excessive use of force:

This is how it’s done in democratic America:


The Armenian Foreign Ministry responded to the statement of the U.S. Embassy

Diplomats expressed the commitment of Yerevan to the strengthening of democracy.

Yerevan has responded to the statement by U.S. diplomats, who today expressed concern over the actions of the Armenian police during dispersal of “electricity protest” on the night of Tuesday, June 23. The American Embassy said that police allegedly used excessive force against the demonstrators, and especially targeted journalists.

The website of the Armenian Foreign Ministry published the reply of the Minister Edward Nalbandian to the question of the “First information service” about the reaction of foreign embassies to the events in Yerevan.

– We consider these responses as evidence of the interest of our partners in strengthening democracy in Armenia, – said Armenian Foreign Minister, Edward Nalbandian. — We reaffirm our commitment to democracy, fundamental freedoms and human rights in Armenia.

Foreign Minister of Armenia stressed that the competent authorities are already conducting an internal investigation and are taking all necessary steps to rectify the deficiencies pointed out by law enforcers themselves.

— Our partners will be informed on the conclusions, – added Nalbandian.

By the way, on Tuesday, the chief of Armenian police, Vladimir Gasparyan called the actions of law enforcement officers proportionate, but apologized to the journalists who had broken equipment, promised to investigate and compensate for the damage.

On June 23, hundreds of protesters gathered on Freedom square, and then went to the administration building of the President, and again demanded a meeting with the head of state. By the evening the number of protesters in the center of Yerevan has reached three thousand people.

First Deputy head of police of Armenia, Hunan Poghosyan stated that the police will not use force against the protesters, if there are no provocations. Police withdrew its forces, creating a buffer zone for negotiations of coordination group of demonstrators with police, and for the journalists.

The participants of the “electricity protest” on June 22 demanded to reform the energy industry, today protesters demanded the release of detainees after the dispersal of the rally the day before, and some of them chanted the slogan “Free Armenia”.

The protesters claim that the continuation of the protest was provoked by police action last night on the Marshal Baghramyan Avenue, where police arrested 237 people. Meanwhile, law enforcement officers have already released the detainees. Reportedly, they were questioned as witnesses, and let go.

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