UAF opens fire on the International Space Station


June 5, 2015

UAF opens fire on the International Space Station

By Chervonets Andryukha

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

From a chatroom:

–A Shilka (anti-aircraft gun) is firing on the other side of the pile.
Yesterday an AA gun was firing from the Chasovoyar Hill, but no worries, shells explode high in the air. It’s just loud. It’s been four days like that, every day at the same time.

Ksyukha, that’s an AA gun, its firing at a drone.

–Dmitriy, every day at the same time, a very  punctual drone!

–Another round of AA firing coincided with the ISS overflight. But the first burst of firing was when the Iridium communications satellite overflight, which, like the ISS, is visible as a bright shooting star.

–Dmitriy, where are you getting this information? And why would the UAF fire on the ISS?

–Dimon, we compared the times of AA firing with ISS overflight times. THEY COINCIDE!!! The next overflight is at 0148 hours…

–Dmitriy, I just watched. It seems like you are right. I can see a  moving object. It means we’re in danger of interplanetary war 😉

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–Dimon, it’s no coincidence. Iridium flew by at 2154, ISS at 2236 and 0012. Compare that with the firing times.

–The UAF is firing on the ISS which they think is a drone!

–Dimon, they don’t know it’s the ISS. They are firing the Shilka at a moving bright spot.  Now we know the times of tomorrow’s fireworks.

–Dmitriy, you are right. Like clockwork. ISS is flying over, and they are shooting at it ))))

–Ivan, yes, as soon as it appears overhead they start shooting.

–Interesting, when will they realize what they are shooting at?

–Ivan, it’s better for them to be shooting at the ISS than at cities with artillery.

–Dmitriy, it seems they are conducting a large-scale training exercise extraterrestrial invasions.

–Dmitriy, they are idiots!

J.Hawk’s Comment: As insane as it sounds, that story actually rings true. There were a number of reports, including by Graham Phillips, of wild night-time UAF anti-aircraft fire at no evident aerial target whatsoever. So now we know!

In general, the UAF has been rather active lately, following the battle at Maryinka. I doubt it’s part of some grand design. If you are shooting at satellites and space stations orbiting overhead, it suggests you are in a pretty high state of agitation bordering on panic. I wouldn’t be surprised if many casualties of that battle were caused by UAF fire directed at its own troops, given the panic the NAF raid caused among their ranks.

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