Ukraine is a disposable torpedo against Russia


June 12, 2015

Alexander Rogers


Translated by Kristina Rus

Nobody in the West cares about the fate of Ukraine. This is a disposable torpedo, said a prominent Ukrainian journalist and blogger Alexander Rogers, commenting on the possibility of Russia being drawn into armed conflict.

Kiev constantly escalates the situation in the East of the country, daily shelling the cities of DPR and LPR, muddies the water with Transnistria, said the expert.

“The Governor of Odessa region became the tie-chewing and running from the planes of invisible Russians comrade Mishiko. 

If Saakashvili will arrange “a la Abkhazia” in Transnistria, then he will get his but kicked and run away. Russia will not be able to ignore it. And in this case, international law will be on her side. No one will be able to contest it,” – said Rogers.

The expert reminded that Russian peacekeepers in Transnistria have a UN mandate, exactly the same as in Abkhazia. In addition, in Transnistria there are 160 thousand Russian citizens.

“Ukraine is a disposable torpedo. Nobody cares about its fate. Once they did the same with Georgia. In 2008, Saakashvili was unleashed on Russia, and he got beaten up. Overseas puppeteer George Bush waved a hand at Tbilisi, saying, “My thoughts are with you, goodbye, Georgia!” And it was over. The same thing with Ukraine. If it will torpedo Russia — great, if not – whatever, it’s disposable”, – said the blogger.

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