Ukraine is running out of its own Nazis: Saakashvili’s wish list in Odessa

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June 2, 2015

Mikhail Delyagin

Translated by Kristina Rus

It seemed like nonsense and an ordinary Ukrainian fake, but turned out to be true. And this is in a sense a testament to the honor of Ukraine: the reserves of their own bums and prostitutes (at least, of a political and Nazi kind) – are apparently exhausted, and they have to be scraped from all the pro-American corners of Eastern Europe.

On the other hand, Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko seem to have lost the ability to negotiate and can only agree on the candidates imposed on them by their common American owners, and in relation to a purge of the representatives of common enemies, like Kolomoisky. Actually, for the fake Ukrainian statehood this is more than enough.

Meanwhile, far from everyone can handle it – thus, Jaba Yebanoidze (this is not a curse word [sounds like one in Russian], it’s a name of the most professional Georgian European), who created in Georgia a really good open registry, was forced to leave his post because of the insanity of the Nazi leadership. But Georgian girls, not capable, judging by the photos, to earn money even on underwear at home, feel like home in Ukraine – for example, at the post of Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Interior.

As for a “tie eater” Saakashvili, he has been hiding in Ukraine from criminal prosecution at home almost from the beginning of the Nazi coup; the US was ashamed to give asylum to the unlucky organizer of genocide in August 2008 in South Ossetia and he was sent to work for another organizer of  genocide – Poroshenko.

Originally Saakashvili was an advisor on the war with Russia; in April he refused a post of Vice-Premier in the government of “bunny” Yatsenyukh (as his last name is pronounced in Ukraine), as it required renunciation of Georgian citizenship, but he so loves his homeland, that he will surely come back and besides, he is an avid patriot. But a month later, the patriotism of Saakashvili faded away, and he became a citizen of Ukraine.

Odessa region, given to him for “nursing”, is only one and a half times smaller then the population of Georgia (2,3 compared with 3.7 million people), but much wealthier – Odessa port alone is worth much, from an economic point of view – much more than all of Georgia. So there will be something to plunder, and there is no reason to doubt the professionalism of Saakashvili on this issue: after his reign, Odessa region will become as empty and poverty-stricken (albeit with good American advertising), as Georgia.

Political tasks of Saakashvili hardly changed since the beginning of his hiding in Ukraine: it’s war with Russia. On the one hand, the continuation and tightening of the blockade of Transnistria, started on May 21, (and possibly a military strike), on the other – preparing a military attack on Crimea. It is not difficult to find kamikazes in exchange for a promise to feed their families a few times in a crumbling Ukraine, and it will be possible to create some annoyance for us at the height of a tourist season.

Since we did not put this American monkey in a Moscow zoo in 2008 – he will now torment Odessa.

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