Ukraine’s Death Knell


June 15, 2015

Ukraine’s Death Knell

By Aleksandr Rodzhers

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The Razumkov Center recently published the rather telling results of another of its public opinion surveys.

Only 14.3% of Ukrainians feel the country is on the right track (those must be the ATO marauders, the illegal arms traders, or “volunteering” scammers). The overwhelming majority of 67.6% believes that the country is on the wrong track (and this in a poll that did not sample the opinion in Crimea or the Donbass!).

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“Everyone, everyone believes in better future.” 26.9% that Ukraine will be able to overcome its problems in the next several years, 41.3% believe the recovery will happen only in distant future, and 20.2% believe Ukraine will not survive its troubles.

Only 10.4% believe their government’s promises that the economic crisis will end this year, and the economic growth will resume. 21.5% are hoping that the fall will stop, leaving the economy in the state of stagnation. 27.1% believe the crisis will get worse, but not to the point of a catastrophe. On the other hand, 26.1% are certain that Ukraine’s economy will collapse.

The overwhelming majority is not seeing any genuine reforms in Ukraine, and the only reform that about half the respondents noticed concerns the energy sector where 9.8% view it favorably and 41.9% unfavorably (the remainder is simply unaware any reform took place!).

Ukrainians have a strongly negative opinion of the government’s activity in the realm of curbing inflation (84.2%), fighting corruption (80.7%), and stimulating economic growth (80.5%), in other words, precisely those issues which were so prominent when the EuroMaidan activists were grasping for power.

As to the question whether Ukrainians are willing to suffer a temporary drop in their standard of living for the sake of changes, 10.9% said that “they are ready, as long as leads to change.” 27.6% said “we can suffer, but not for long (no more than a year).” 26.6% don’t believe the reforms will succeed, and 30.3% said that they won’t accept any further deterioration because their situation is already unbearable.

So this is supposed to be a government that reflects the people’s interests? Where is the “seventh heaven” which they promised on the eve of signing the EU Association Agreement? Those are the blessings of eurointegration? I think the answers are obvious enough.

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