Ukrainian diplomats cleaning the streets of Rome


June 2, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

I always thought diplomats are adequate people.

However, after last year’s antics by a former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, I am not surprised by anything… Even Ukrainian diplomats working as street cleaners in Rome:

“In connection with an appearance last night on the streets of Rome of posters in support of eliminated terrorist Mozgovoy, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Italy, Yevgeny Perelygin, addressed the mayor of the city of Rome, Marino, with a request to immediately remove this rubbish from the streets of the ancient city”, – stated the message of the Embassy.

Also the press service of the diplomatic department notes that while the city services are thinking how to do it, “we decided to act independently”. I.e., to remove the posters posted by the unknown around the city walls and bus stops.


The diplomats are representing their country well. Don’t they  understand that a reputation of the country suffers not from posters but from diplomats working as cleaners? Apparently not…

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