Ukrainian Gunboat Sunk off Mariupol


June 7, 2015

A Coast Guard boat blew up off Mariupol’s Sandy Beach

By kot_leopold

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

It blew up directly in front of onlookers. It looks like a Coast Guard cutter.

Donetsk Border Guard Detachment confirms it’s a Coast Guard cutter. But no details so far.

Emergency vehicles are moving to Sandy Beach with flashers on.

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1455: The boat has vanished, it seems it sank. Several rescue cutters are approaching the site of the explosion. They are probably looking for casualties.

1500: The Mariupol Emergency Diver Service announced that the explosion took place about 4km from the shore. Several coast guard cutters tugs, and Emergency Diver service boats were sent to the site. The divers are preparing to begin the search.

1513: A Mariupol volunteer Galina Odnorog, there are four casualties from the cutter at the Mariupol military hospital, including three with severe wounds. They are receiving assistance.

Ministry of Internal Affairs Main Directorate: The coast guard cutter struck an explosive device. The UMC-1000 cutter blew up at 1420 hours while leaving the Mariupol Coast Guard detachment pier. It had 7 crew on board. It is known that two of them suffer wounds, the fate of the remainder is unknown.

But before the New Year’s the UAF mined the Azov Sea coastline with considerable pomp and propaganda.

J.Hawk’s Comment: It’s rather likely the cutter struck a Ukrainian mine. Who else would put them there, other than the same military that’s prone to opening fire on orbiting satellites and even the ISS?  

Aside from that, can you imagine the reaction if it happened a year ago? “Putin!” “Aggression!” “Sanctions!” “Lethal weapons!”

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