Ukrainian Interior Ministry’s battalion of convicts terrorized Donbass for a year


Commander of Tornado

June 19, 2015

@Gwinplane –

Translated by Kristina Rus

A year later, it has become increasingly obvious, that Maidan, declaring the triumph of the rule of law, but being itself committed illegally, gave rise to such monstrosities as volunteer punitive battalions that are the epitome of lawlessness and violence. Last week the entire Ukraine learned about battalion “Tornado”, the members of which are accused of torture, rape and murder of not even captured enemies, but civilians in places of deployment.

This is what was said by the chief military prosecutor of the Kiev junta, Matios:

“Arbitrariness and torture of people is a violation of the law. Because of mutual responsibility on the blood, spilled by the soldiers of “Tornado”, none of them is testifying against each other. The unit videotaped their atrocities. The company consists of around 50 previously convicted persons.” As far as company commander, Onishchenko, the Prosecutor noted that “in his life there was a tragic experience of five occasions of criminal responsibility, indicating relapse”.

I wonder how Mr. Matios, who became the chief military prosecutor in August 2014, will explain to the people of Ukraine that almost for a year there was a battalion in the country, consisting almost entirely of criminals? Why, while Matios was the chief military prosecutor, battalion “Shakhtersk” disbanded for looting was allowed to morph into other battalions with the same persons in charge?

Ukrainian citizens can ask the Interior Minister, Avakov – how previously convicted persons comprising the battalions “Shakhtersk” and “Tornado” were able to receive police ranks and become regular employees of the Interior Ministry?

Hardly Matios and Avakov will answer this question. For one simple reason – having come to power illegally, arming the same criminals, they are de facto the organizers and accomplices of crimes committed by the volunteers from the penal battalion:

“The man in the basement of the school, where “Tornado” was based, was chained to athletic equipment, raped in an unnatural manner, then killed. It’s hard for me to talk about it. But we know of at least 10 people who were subjected to such acts by  “Tornado” – Matios.

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