Ukrainian military prosecutor: “There are too many anti-social elements in the armed forces”


June 23, 2015

@yurasumy for Antifashist

Translated by Kristina Rus


Crime in the military is always associated primarily with the qualitative composition of the troops and their motivation for service. All of this is very dire for the junta, and the prosecutors are sprinkling ashes on their heads and shrugging their shoulders…

Indeed, what can they do now, when the army gathered, let’s face it, criminals and people with no motivation. During the fourth wave of mobilization there were all sorts of stories about how people were recruited straight out of jail or while under investigation. After this fact was revealed, the soldier was simply transferred to another unit. Demobilization of this citizen was out of question. Recruitment quotas were desperately missed, and no one was going to worsen the statistics. And someone had to be responsible. How do you punish a zealous military commissioner, who … fulfilled the recruitment quota, even though by breaking the rules and instructions.

Now military prosecutors shrug their shoulders and say that its not their fault. The army, not particularly popular in the country, became a threat to civilians and not only in the cities under [Ukrainian] fire – Donetsk, Gorlovka and other cities of  DPR, but also the so-called “liberated” territories [this is the reason for the belated crackdown – KR]. Robbery, murder, violence is already a daily routine of military prosecutors. When they begin to dismantle a criminal case, it turns out that the accused already served time before for such crimes, or was in cahoots with such a “colleague”. And these are the people the junta gave arms to. As a result the press is full of such “revelations,” which has become regular:

“Lack of order in the armed forces is primarily associated with that a lot of people, of let’s say, anti-social element have been mobilized.” – said the chief military prosecutor of the Southern region, Maxim Jakubowski.

The junta is at a loss with what to do about it. They can expel all of them, but who to send to slaughter? If you leave them, the army will quickly decay and will become hated by even its own people. This is a dead end for the UAF and for official Kiev.


Maidan became a filter for the Ukrainian society. Just as the wealthy, the upper-middle class, the savvy and perceptive took off for Russia or the West, and the brave went to fight for Novorossia, there were too many Ukrainian men, unburdened by principles, for whom joining the Ukrainian army presented more opportunities then their current predicament. The fact that a significant part of Ukrainian workforce was already working in Russia and Europe only points to the presence of a large disenchanted swath of society, which had no prospects, no hope, no future and no present. Suddenly they were presented with a cause, an enemy, self-worth, given a community, a brotherhood, a shelter, some dry meals, weapons and unchecked power over the unarmed majority of population. But the problem is their old ways, their old program did not change. A relative lull in fighting did not help in keeping the genie in the bottle (at the front). While the thousands of new soldiers had to be shuffled around municipal properties, such as schools, dorms and summer camps, their pent up destructive energy was bound to spill over and backfire on the local population, resulting in regular reports of crimes committed by formerly convicted Ukrainian soldiers. 

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