Ukrainian toddler with a knife: “Zig heil! I will stab the Russians!” (video)


June 22, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

– (In Russian) Marianochka, will you stab the Russians? 

(in Ukrainian) What will you do?

– (In Russian) Yes! I will stab the Russians! I will stab the Russians! Zig Heil! Zig Heil! I will stab the Russians! I will stab the Russians!


This beautiful little girl simply wants to please her parents and follows their lead, demonstrating the effortless  self-perpetuating mechanism of the generational circle of  indoctrination. 

While I don’t believe this clip speaks for the entire country, it is certainly indicative of the more radical parent-elements. While every country on earth is home to a spectrum of ideologies from left to right, the usual left-right balance has been thrown out of sink in today’s Ukraine, as this video is just one of a number of videos coming out of Ukraine-2015, thanks to smartphones, Youtube and proud parents.

Indeed, advances in everyday communications technology, such as smartphones and Youtube are making the propaganda job of Western media more complicated, and without them our image of today’s Ukraine would not be complete.

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