When the pendulum swings back, de-Ukranization will begin in Ukraine


June 16, 2015

(anti-junta Ukrainian blogger-expat from Dnepropetrovsk)

Translated by Kristina Rus

Yesterday at Yuzhmash plant male workers were captured right at the entrance [for mobilization]. Even took the man, who has three children – at night he never came back home. In the meantime, the guard is made up of all zapadentsy [Western Ukrainians], all locals have been replaced. [what does that tell you about the mood of the locals? – KR]

Interesting thing, zapadentsy are hiding on the home front, and only the men from the East are sent to slaughter. It is such a gradual, quiet genocide. So that only the titular nation remains, as said Poroshenko.

There is evidence that Yuzhmash will be closed. And disconnected from power. The process of de-industrialization is in full swing. Europe, Kiev and the US do not need Ukraine, as a state of the 21st century. But a farm territory with nationalism in the style of 1930’s-40’s – why not! 

The good sign is that the ordinary residents of Dnepropetrovsk are slowly going berserk. Starting to understand, what an abyss was prepared for them by nationally-conscious Ukrainian patriots. The working people, engineers, builders, NPP employees are turning more and more pro-Russian. They received an immunization from national consciousness, vyshivanki [national clothing], ukro-mova [Ukrainian language] “shenevmerlyk” [Ukrainian anthem, which begins with the words; “Ukraine is not yet dead”], and Ukrainian patriotism.

When the pendulum swings back, de-Ukranization will begin. Ukrainian patriots started this in vain.

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