A letter from a Rusyn of Transcarpathia: “Ukraine is a failed state!”


Mukachevo, Transcarpathia

July 17, 2015

Viktoria Khokhlova (Facebook)

Translated by Kristina Rus

Rusyns have no relation to “zapadentsi” (Western Ukrainians) in the classic sense of the word, on the contrary, they have always been skeptical of the “Ukrainian state”:

“Hello, I am writing to you from a small town in Transcarpathia, to clarify the situation a bit about the processes happening and to tell you some things that will not make it to the media. In general we – Rusyns have old scores with Ukrainian nationalists, let’s take the 1991 referendum on national Rusyn autonomy, not recognized by Ukraine, there were other attempts to announce that we are a separate nation and don’t accept indiscriminate label of “Ukrainians,” they all met staunch resistance from then only emerging nationalist organizations in Western Ukraine.

As you can see the position of Rusyns is not much different from the position of Russians in Ukraine. In 2014 the confrontation reached its climax. Us, the people whom this country hated and despised, it wanted to send to an foreign war with the fraternal Russian people (whom the Rusyns have always warmly treated) for unclear to us interests. Then Rusyns first loudly declared about themselves, there have been a number of attacks on military commandant’s offices, the enlistment papers to the so-called “anti-terrorist operation zone” were burned, and our guys prepared for slaughter have been taken back from the Ukrainian butchers, that’s when the  first “friendship train” of the Right Sector came to “deal with the traitors”, but met with resistance, pravoseki shamefully retreated (by the way no more call up papers came to us  – it is a note to those who are also forced to go to this stupid war). As it turns out, they have not forgotten this…

Right Sector has long together with the local mafia was engaged in smuggling, the whole story is very simple, the mafia and pravoseki did not agree on splitting the profits from smuggled cigarettes. Now it has turned more serious, checkpoints sprung up on the roads with masked men without insignia, the local government is paralyzed and blocked by armed thugs, the police is idle. A VAST AREA is under control of not clear whom… Emerging anarchy is paying off, drunk militants walk the streets, harassing girls, robbing alcohol stores, beating people. It is scary to go outside!

According to rumors, they had already started to bring the weapons to Lvov, controlled by the Right Sector! And now pravoseki, remembering old grudges, begin to harass the Rusyns, promising us, the “Moscow agents,” outright genocide! We are in a desperate situation, some are already beginning to leave their homes! Ukraine brings only grief to all the peoples inhabiting it, it is a monster, I think everybody realized that this is a failed state and will never have a normal human appearance, Ukraine is bursting at the seams not only from the East, but from the West, therefore, Ukraine must be urgently disassembled before more blood and tears are shed!”

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