A shoot-out in Volhynia

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July 22, 2015

A shoot-out in Volhynia

Translated from Polish by J.Hawk

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A potentially very dangerous confrontation played out in front of the Flora agribusiness which is in the wild mushroom business. According to the local media, in 2013 it was forcibly taken over by a local shady “businessman” Vyacheslav Polyakov who simply entered the business in the company of rifle-armed thugs and declared himself the director. The case went to court which was slow to take it up, and in the meantime Polyakov did whatever he wanted. On July 19 the legal co-owners sent their own armed militants from Lutsk to retake the business. Even though it was intercepted on the way by the police and Border Guards, someone opened fire on Flora vehicles. By then Polyakov managed to assemble his own security team consisting of men armed with rifles and metal bars who are seen in the video below wearing red armbands. At some point a new confrontation broke out during which shots were fired. The police was not able to control the situation. The regional MVD has still not been able to identify the victims or the perpetrators of the shooting. A press conference with the participation of police, SBU, and MVD is to take place tomorrow.

J.Hawk’s Comment: Are these guys the Right Sector too or a rival/parallel organization? Interesting that it took place only shortly after Mukachevo, as if the original owners were hoping to draw Kiev’s attention by provoking a Mukachevo-style stand-off. It’s also of interest that the police and the border guards have, for all intents and purposes, taken Poliakov’s side by detaining the militants sent to reassert control over the seized business (where were they when Polyakov established himself as its CEO?).

But the bigger point is that Mukachevo is not an exception. It is the rule. With Kiev increasingly and visibly incapable of maintaining even the semblance of a rule of law within the boundaries of the supposedly sovereign Ukrainian state.

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