Azov & Pravy Sektor Display Russian Flag at Kiev Demonstration


July 26th, 2015

A Fort Russ Exclusive – Joaquin Flores

A “Solidarity Rally” with Russian “nationalist political prisoners”, which was held in Kiev yesterday, has brought somewhat significant media attention and was covered by Ukrainian television. 

The following slogans were proclaimed at the solidarity action in front of the Russian embassy in Kiev: “Send Putin to Magadan! (a city that once oversaw a better known labor camp in the USSR) – Russia needs Russian Maidan!”, “Exchange captive separatists for Russian nationalist prisoners” and “Reconquista: Today Ukraine, tomorrow Rus’ and the whole Europe!” 

While there appeared to be about 35 people all together, what was an interesting change in terms of messaging was the display of the Russian flag alongside a ‘lustration’ banner.  This is important in terms of propaganda because one of the co-organizers was the English language ‘Minister of Information’ of the Pravy Sektor, Olena Semenyaka.  The event was also supported by Azov members who displayed flags at the small demonstration. 

Much English language reporting on Pravy Sektor has incorrectly or unnecessarily lumped its position in with that of the post-coup government led by Poroshenko.  The PS is rebranding itself as the ‘National Liberation Movement’ and is attempting to more vocally assert the social aspect of its Third Position “social-nationalism” which may even resonate with those on the ‘left’.   

We should not be surprised if Vice News and the BBC continue to attempt to ‘Guevara-wash’ these extremist groups with misanthropist tendencies, as ‘humanist revolutionaries’. Now with the new ammunition of the Pravy Sektor’s rebranding and appeal to social and economic issues which effect the working class, and use the language of anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism, this may be easier for western media outlets to do.  

Nevertheless, The PS has always maintained that a second revolution would be necessary, in order to ‘complete’ the ‘revolution’ started over a year ago on the Majdan. The Pravy Sektor sees Galicians and Ukrainians as ‘Europeans’ in the racial sense of the ‘Aryan race’.  They see that modern Ukraine is geographically located where the first ‘Rus’ state originated under the Rurik dynasty in the 9th century AD. 

The Ruriks of the Yuryevich line also produced ‘Ivan the Terrible’ of Russia. Ukrainian and Russian ethnologists and historians continue to debate the significance and facts surrounding these matters. 

With that, Ukrainian nationalists can wear one of three hats, a Galician hat, a Urkainian hat, and an ‘original and real Russians’ hat.  They generally view the political power in Russia to be a continuation of anti-European, Mongol, Bolshevik subversion. 

One of the advertised Intermarium maps

The PS is opposed to the EU, and generally support the creation of an Intermarium (Baltic to Black Sea) power block. They view this as being the second stage of a general struggle to remove Europe of its modern and post-modern ‘decadent’ condition.  

At the same time, both the Kiev Junta government of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk themselves seem supportive of this Intermarium project, which connects them to NATO countries of the Baltic region as well as Poland.  The US has openly advocated such a project as well, for any number of possible reasons.  Even if not viable, it serves as a useful rallying project; the marketing is not the product.  The PS has had an inconsistent position regarding NATO.   

Semenyaka has claimed consistently in social networking that the PS’s long term strategy was to build credibility and support among Ukrainians through acts of ‘courage’ in the ‘war against Russian occupiers’, while denouncing the Oligarchs represented by Poroshenko et al. Meanwhile, the Kiev Junta would work against itself by being unable to effect a victory against Russia whilst constrained by agreements with Russia and Europe.  A further source of undoing would be the pushing through austerity measures, which Yatsenyuk made public early on, and the Kiev government would also discredit itself by taking on more debt as the economy continues to implode and collapse. 

At the same time, numerous analysts including Andrew Korybko and Anna Filiminova, as well as this author, have explained that the PS has been fostered and nurtured by the Atlanticist intelligence network itself.  The New York Times ran a credible story exposing that Islamicist Chechens (long associated with Al Qaeda and now ISIS) were fighting alongside ‘Volunteer Battalions’ in Ukraine and Novorossiya.

With that said, it is also possible for Russian intelligence networks to push upon the various Pravy Sektor related groups in different ways, using both carrot and stick methods as well.

The push for an independent Galicia by Pravy Sektor related groups may fit not only into US but also Russian grand strategy in any number of ways.  It is not necessary for this push to be successful.  The conflict this push generates may itself be a goal. One critical factor will be the response and role of Poland in all of this. 

All together this creates a very interesting picture which allows for any number of possible outcomes.  

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