Bereza: “Right Sector leadership may have lost control of its regional branches”


July 16, 2015

@Mikle1, Naspravdi

Translated by Kristina Rus

Former chairman of the information department of the “Right Sector,” Borislav Bereza (MP, former commander of the regiment of the Interior Ministry, “Dnepr-1” [originally a volunteer battalion]) believes that the leadership of the party could have lost control over regional branches of the military-political organization, in particular in Mukachevo.

He said this on air of the program “Freedom of Speech” on ICTV channel.

“I clearly can say that some like to ride the brand. Indeed Dmitry (Yarosh), most likely, lost control of certain regions. We have to admit – it is a problem and that’s what we saw in Mukachevo”, – said Bereza.

The MP, who was previously a member of the “Right sector”, recalled that last year Yarosh has issued an order banning the withdrawal of weapons from the ATO zone and therefore there are no “trophy weapons”.

But it is known that Dmitry Yarosh has not given orders to his subordinates to lay down their arms.

In addition, in connection with Mukachevo situation it was decided to establish “Operational HQ” – reported the official website of the “Right Sector”.

“All regional offices must get in direct contact with headquarters and instantly respond to every command,” – added the report.

Note, the “Right sector” maintains the innocence of the members of the organization who participated in the shooting in Mukachevo, and demand dismissal of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov. The participants of the shootout who exchanged fire that destroyed two police cars and injured policemen and civilians, RS calls “Mukachevo rebels” and “Robinhoods”, and the change of leadership of Transcarpathian regional administration [new governor Moskal] and some of the power structures of the region they consider their achievement.

So who is Dmitro Yarosh – leader of RS or a traitor?

As for me, he traded his “brothers” for the post of the deputy. And if the staff is out of control they must be shot, he will turn a blind eye and say that they were “the wrong pravoseki”.

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