Bombard the French Embassy! Crimea visit of French MPs draws anti-France rant on Kiev TV.


Russkaya Vesna
July 28, 2015

July 29, 2015
Translated from Russian by Tom Winter
Kiev political analyst suggests firing on the French Embassy with mortars and grenade launchers.

That’s the suggestion of Ukrainian political analyst Oleg Soskin after the visit of French parliamentarians to the Crimea.

“Today, in Ukraine, there are thousands of Frenchmen. If they all want to make trouble for themselves, please let them try again to come to Crimea. If it interests them so much, our guys could set mortars or grenade launchers at the French Embassy. People could lose patience and seize that embassy, as they may have a hard time tolerating the insolence they just committed, daring such a thing. 

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“It’s just spitting on the soul of all Ukrainians. It’s as if the Islamic State occupied France’s Champagne District and began to produce French champagne with the Mujahedeen,” said the analyst on TV channel Dozhd.

Theoretically, anyone acting on the suggestion of the political analyst would face scant consequence: Given the peculiarities of Ukrainian proceedings, the charge for firing a grenade launcher in downtown Kiev comes under the heading of “hooliganism.” 

As reported RusNekst earlier, during a recent visit to the Crimea, French Senate deputies reported that the situation on the peninsula is radically different from what the European media have been saying.

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