Both sides of the Transcarpathia mini civil war are convinced – it’s Putin’s provocation


July 15, 2015

Dmitry Lekukh


Putin is in charge of the Ukraine. The proof.

The only truly amusing aspect of the disgusting in fact story with a mini-civil war in Mukachevo of Transcarpathia was the information noise, accompanying this extravaganza.

Well, first of all, both, so to speak, “parties of the stand off” virtually simultaneously declared each other bandits (I think — this is the rare case when both sides were equally right in their claims).

It happens.

But that’s okay.

Much more interesting is a place occupied in their worldview by a current Russian President,  hardly suspecting anything about the situation.


As we are told by the reliable informed sources in the Ukrainian blogosphere, Putin really runs the show over there.

On the one hand, it was he, the sinister, who provoked his agents from the “Right sector” to “rock the peaceful Transcarpathia”.

But on the other hand — again, it was he who has mobilized his agents in the SBU, the Interior Ministry and the inner circle of President Poroshenko (according to some sources, including Poroshenko himself), to sweep up the “Right sector”: the moment was too convenient, and Putin, as all know, hates the true patriots of Ukraine.

And here, actually, no more arguments are needed: the “Right sector” is officially banned in Putin’s Russia.

But, again, on the one hand, undoubtedly Putin’s agents ordered to withdraw “the battalions of the Right Sector” from the “ATO zone”. And on the other hand, realizing the treachery in governmental power structures, these valiant battalions have begun to withdraw from the zone of special operation only in order to block the way of Putin’s agents to the capital of independent Ukraine, which is the reason for all this fuss around the checkpoints.

And on the one hand, only traitors and Putin’s agents could demand the resignation of Interior Minister Avakov.

But on the other hand, how can you not demand it, if he is the doubtless traitor and doubtless Putin’s agent?!

And if to all this we add a photo of the honorary Consul of Ukraine in Antalya, Turkey – Mr. Levent Aydin – in a t-shirt with the image of Putin and the inscription “Politeness – all ours” which was published on Facebook by the vigilant journalist Vasilisa Yılmaz, the depth of penetration of Putin into the inner world of Ukraine becomes just truly metaphysical.


And even, one might say, existential.

I have a feeling that if Mr Putin had suddenly gone mad and became a candidate for the early presidential elections in the independent Ukrainian Republic, he would have won exactly with the same percent as in the rest of Russia.

Although why would he run. According to all the parties of all of the latest Ukrainian conflicts, he is already behind everything in Ukraine. 

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