Ex-US officer: Putin is the best thing that happened to Russia in the last century

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July 20, 2015


Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Former American officer, specializing in psychological warfare, a fighter against international terrorism, Scott Bennett, talked in an interview with Press TV about what Russia can do now not to succumb to U.S. pressure.

“Vladimir Putin is the best thing that happened to Russia in the last hundred years…,” – said Bennett in an interview, noting that our president is a symbol of independence of our country.

Ex-officer stressed that Vladimir Putin has been under the surveillance of various foreign intelligence services throughout his entire career, including American.

Bennett has called “ludicrous” accusations against our president about the alleged embezzlement at the expense of military operations and stressed that he is his country’s patriot compared to other politicians and that he could be an example to many, especially since he came to power at the time of the most severe crisis in Russia in the beginning of 2000’s and after the departure of Boris Yeltsin.

Scott Bennett stressed that the American people, after numerous revelations of their government – about the 9/11 terrorist attacks, torture in American prisons,  intervention of Barack Obama in numerous wars around the world as a “peacemaker” and exacerbating the situation, as reported by Pravda.ru, understand that Russia and its president do not intend to declare war on America and are just defending their interests.

This, according to the expert, should force the American people to change their mind and re-establish relations with Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation.

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