Footage and more details of the Right Sector stand off in Mukachevo


July 13, 2015

Kristina Rus

The above video of 11 minutes shows the events of Right Sector stand off in Mukachevo up close. Men in camouflage stake out near a gym before police arrives on the scene and a shoot out begins. The men drive civilian vehicles with Right Sector emblems (commonly completely legally confiscated from Ukrainian businesses “for the war effort” or from the “second grade” residents of Donbass). A body of just murdered gym security guard/gym instructor is stuffed into one of the vehicles.  

Confused local drivers drive up close to the scene just to realize its not safe and rush to turn around. 

The sound of the video is on and off and starts at 5 min.

The reason for the stand off is allegedly a dispute over a control of legal and/or illegal business/contraband of a local politician/businessman. This is evidenced by the fact that the entire leadership of Transcarpathian customs service has been fired by Yatsenyuk after the event “for corruption” and will be replaced by workforce from other regions of Ukraine. 

The initial shoot out occurred on July 11 between the Right Sector fighters and private security guarding the businesses (including a gym) belonging to a Rada deputy Mikhail Lanyo, who the Right Sector consider “a rapist and a drug lord”. 5 people were killed from both sides. Both sides called their opponents “bandits” in the Ukrainian media.

A shoot out with police arriving at the scene begins at the end of the video.

It is notable that police in many other regions of Ukraine do not enter into a confrontation with the Right Sector, submitting to their authority, and local prosecutors aid in hiding their crimes, out of a basic fear for their lives. This is a reason why we don’t hear of similar events very often. Right Sector activities are generally concealed in the media to the extent possible and involve unlucky local businessmen, and not the police. 

As Transcarpathia is far from a Right Sector stronghold, the local police did not suffer from a blind allegiance to the Right Sector and took the side of their real boss – a prominent local politician. 

This is what was left after the stand off:

The surviving Right Sector fighters fled into the woods and “slipped” from justice, but not without taking a boy hostage to use as human shield and later releasing him. 

In the aftermath of the event the Right Sector demanded a resignation of Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov, and Poroshenko demanded the Right Sector to disarm. Both parties ignored each other’s demands.

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