Forgive us, the Tsar!


“Forgive us, the Tzar, for the 8-hour workweek!”

July 20, 2015


Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

Due to the fact that the Russian expanses began to produce banners with the Royal family and an appeal, apparently addressed to the last Russian emperor, Nicholas II, to forgive us all, we also decided to keep up with the trend. We sincerely ask for forgiveness from the emperor-martyr for all that we have done after his abdication and murder. For all the things done by the bloody Bolsheviks.


Join the flashmob, comrades!

Forgive us, the Tsar, for free education!

Forgive us, the Tsar, for free healthcare!

Forgive us, the Tzar, for the Victory!

Forgive us, the Tsar, that we were the first!

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