Grandmaster Putin’s Golden Trap. Part 3.1 Sticks and no carrots


July 7, 2015

Dmitry Kalinichenko


Original published on on June 7, 2015

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

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Russia under the external control of Washington can be instantly transformed into the perfect murder weapon of the two main global competitors of the United States, in the face of Europe and China. If someone doesn’t like the word “murder” you can mentally replace it with a more pleasant phrase – “energy stranglehold”.

All the attacks of the dollar against gold always end the same: with a heavy knockout. There has been no exceptions to this rule in monetary history. There will be no exception this time. Hence the market rule: “Not one golden high can be the last.”

It would be naive to believe that the patient Grandmaster Putin and his Chinese counterpart XI Jinping are unaware of this Golden rule.   

Systematically increasing their gold reserves, Russia and China are inexorably moving toward stripping the US dollar of its status of the world’s reserve currency.

This issue in Russia and China has long gone beyond the secret plans of the two leaders and has become a national idea of the population of both nations.


The U.S. is trying to publicly punish the Russian people with sanctions at the expense of the European budget and business with the tenacity of a fly beating against the glass. The people of Russia (from the point of view of U.S. foreign policy) must be publicly punished. For what? For their democratic, but wrong from Washington’s view, choice of their national leader. In fact, Washington has given the population of Russia an ultimatum: “You are slaves, and we are the owners. And as slaves, you have no right to choose the one who you think is worthy as your national leader. You have the right to choose the national leader, whom we will allow or order you to choose. But if you dare to disobey the supreme will of Washington, then you will be punished by lower living standards“. By the way, for the same, “wrong” from Washington’s view, choice of a national leader, today the entire so-called Western world is trying to punish the people of Greece.

The people of Russia have heard and understood Washington’s ultimatum correctly: the U.S. sanctions have been imposed with the aim of overthrowing the legitimate and democratically elected state power in Russia. It is not surprising that sanctions imposed by the U.S. at the expense of EU against the Russian population have led to the opposite result. The population of Russia rallied around their national leader, and China and Russia have gotten closer than ever before. The foreign policy of dictatorship of boundless arrogance, mindlessly pursued by Washington, led to expected results. Regularly substituting the power of right for the right of power, the U.S. foolishly lost all of its accumulated credibility and political capital in the eyes of the population of Russia and China.

If today a political party of hatred toward the United States was founded in Russia or China, this party would achieve the biggest landslide victory in any election. The number of votes won by that party would exceed the votes of all the other political parties and movements together.

Coming soon: The Dying Dollar

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