Grandmaster Putin’s Golden Trap. Part 3.2 The battle for Eurasia


July 8, 2015

Dmitry Kalinichenko


Original published on on June 7, 2015

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

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The U.S. dollar is in agony, and the United States is in an economic depression the like of the 1930’s. The only way for the U.S. to maintain its global military and financial power – is an urgent achievement of complete and unlimited global domination. For which Washington needs to put the three remaining epicenters of global resistance to American military-financial dictatorship on its knees: China, Europe and Russia. The weakening of just China or Europe will not bring Washington the desired result. Because in each of these options the resistance blocs Europe-Russia or China-Russia remain intact.

The goal of Washington’s game in this hand is pragmatic, transparent and easily understood by anyone who is able to think independently.

The main goal of Washington is the destruction of Russia as a sovereign state.

In order to put it on its knees and then economically and politically colonize Europe and China, Washington doesn’t need to unleash a costly economic war against Europe or even a more costly hot war against China. It is enough to just install a pro-Washington government in Russia. Then Russia, under the external control of Washington, is instantly transformed into the perfect murder weapon of the two main global competitors of the United States – Europe and China. If someone doesn’t like the word “murder”, you can mentally replace it with a more pleasant phrase – “energy stranglehold”.

What will any Russian leader, appointed by Washington in place of defiant Putin, do? Any pro-American leader of Russia will immediately halt all deliveries of Russian oil and gas to China and Europe. The reason is not important, the reason will be created. For example, by organizing instability in Russia and under the pretext of this instability, the supply of oil and gas from Russia to the EU and China will dry up at no fault of the United States. What matters is the content, not the form. Any Washington’s puppet replacing Putin will terminate oil and gas deliveries from Russia to Europe and China, one way or another.

Energy strangulation of Europe and China by Washington orchestrated termination of deliveries of Russian hydrocarbons means the simultaneous financial strangulation of Russia itself. Which will lead to the rapid disintegration of Russia into several small and constantly warring among themselves states, under Washington’s guidance.

None of these small and endlessly warring with neighbors mini-states will no longer be able to maintain and develop their own submarine fleet, their own space forces, air defenses and their own forces of nuclear deterrent. Thus eliminating Europe, China and Russia from the political and economic world map, Washington expects to receive unlimited economic and military global domination. Obviously, with such high stakes for Washington this game is worth the candle. It is not surprising that in this big American geopolitical chess game Europe finds itself in the role of a pawn, which Washington wants to sacrifice to achieve its great goal of absolute world domination.

In an effort to achieve its goal at any cost, Washington is well aware that the key to its ultimate world domination is called Russia.

Thus the U.S. is using all available means and resources in order to replace the defiant Putin standing at the helm of Russia for any Washington puppet a la Yushchenko or Saakashvili.

It is for this reason that the United States is relentlessly attacking Russia wherever it has a chance.

The territory of such countries as Syria and Ukraine has become the theater of hot war of the U.S. against Russia. And the territory of the EU countries has become the theatre of economic war of the U.S. against Russia.

We should acknowledge the talent of the U.S. to wage war against its political enemies by others’ hands and at others’ expense.

The U.S. war against Russia in Syria is organized and conducted by Washington at the expense of Syria’s budget and the death and suffering of the people of Syria.

The U.S. war against Russia in Ukraine is organized and conducted by Washington at the expense of Ukraine’s budget, and the death and suffering of the people of Ukraine.

And the U.S. war against Russia in Europe is organized and conducted by Washington at the expense of the European budget, as well as the drop in the standard of living and suffering of the peoples of Europe.

While the European businesses are suffering from sanctions imposed against Russia, their American competitors are signing new lucrative deals with Russia, writes German magazine “Spiegel”.

A war that the U.S. is waging against Russia at the expense of Europe, thank God, has not yet passed into a hot phase. The operative word in this phrase is the word “yet”. Because Washington, under the pretext of various kinds of military exercises, is persistently and systematically trying to form military coalitions against Russia in Europe. These European military coalitions against Russia, regardless of their names, in their essence are coalitions of death. Moreover, the guaranteed death for the sake of American world domination. Which from a military perspective does not cause any doubt either in Moscow or in Beijing or in Washington. Despite the regular military exercises of Washington-controlled coalitions near the borders of the Russian Federation, the Russian population does not take all these coalitions seriously and rightly regards them as coalitions of “tie lovers” with NATO symbols. 

But can a little thing like defeat of any European military coalition or even the entire Europe be a reason for the American financial elites to abandon their plans to achieve total world domination? Of course, not. Europe, destroyed by war, and weakened by war Russia is a very good combination for the U.S.. Once this combination has enabled the U.S. to emerge from the economic crisis of the Great Depression of the 193o’s and to become the strongest global power. Washington decided that in order to achieve absolute world supremacy, this trick must be repeated. The only difference is that Russia, weakened by war, this time will have to be finished off. 

Let us remember, how the ideologist of American global domination, Brzezinski, identified the role of Russia in his plans: Russia is the heart of Eurasia. Anyone who owns Russia – owns Eurasia. And whoever controls Eurasia, controls the world.

To be continued in Part 3.3 coming soon…

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