Grandmaster Putin’s Golden Trap. Part 3.3 The Sacrifice of Europe

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July 9, 2015

Dmitry Kalinichenko


Original published on on June 7, 2015

Translated from Russian by Kristina Rus

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Lately Europe, suffering most of all from the US economic war against Russia conducted on its territory, is starting to see the light. The population and business of the EU, at the expense of whose resources and means the US is waging a  sanctions war against Russia, is increasingly unwilling to play the role of a sacrificial pawn of Washington.

In Europe, living off of exports of goods, began the process of realization of the fact that any product is primarily energy embodied in a particular form of a product. Following in the footsteps of the geopolitical ambitions of the United States, Europe has turned Russia towards the East and Asia with its own hands, which is what these countries immediately took advantage of. Depriving itself of the opportunity of future energy supplies from Russia, Europe thereby deprived itself of the opportunity to transform this energy into different forms of products: both industrial and agricultural.

Products are divided into less energy-intensive and more energy-intensive. But without energy it is impossible to produce any product. And without cheap energy it is impossible to produce cheap goods. Thus, Europe, led by Washington to a brighter democratic future of vassal dependence on the United States, is steadily moving in the direction of loss of its competitiveness on world markets under the conditions of competition from similar and cheaper products from the countries of North America and Asia.

The transformation of the Eurozone into an priori uncompetitive zone taking place before our eyes  is compounded by the loss of the Russian market. That in itself is a catastrophe for the EU budget-founding sectors of commodity exports.

If we discard the shell of slogans and declarations about any verbal values and move into the plane of dry economics, it becomes apparent: severing the EU from the supply of cheap energy from Russia, combined with the severing the EU from the largest market for its products in Russia, Europe will not be able to survive in its current format.

If previously the situation in which Europe has found itself was only voiced by the opposition parties and representatives of the EU business, today the leaders of the ruling parties and the high-ranking EU officials talk about it more often: 1, 2, 3, 4.


About Frau Merkel

In fact, the population of Europe, as the population of Russia, has been given an ultimatum by Washington: either you will comply with our demand and will start a real, hot war against Russia, or you will die from the sanctions that we continuously introduce against Russia at your own expense. 

The population of Europe does not want to die in the war against Russia, in the name of world domination and prosperity of the United States. But it can not openly refuse to comply with Washington’s demands. For this reason, the sanctions that Washington imposed against the Russian population at the expense of the resources of the population of Europe, continue together with a deterioration in the standard of living, “authorized” by Washington, of both the Russian and the EU population.

States that do not have their own foreign policy are vassal states without their own future. Russia and China has realized this long ago. In Europe, with the deterioration of economic indicators and a rapid fall in standards of living, the understanding of this is becoming more and more clear. As a consequence of this understanding, we can hear more frequent criticism of the German Chancellor Frau Merkel. Merkel is now being criticized for everything in Europe, whether deserved or not. But few of Merkel’s critics are fully aware of the difficult situation in which she found herself. 

Merkel can not entirely follow Washington’s orders. Because it would mean a direct military confrontation between Europe and Russia. But Merkel can not take the side of Russia, either. Because at the slightest hint of the formation of an alliance between the EU and Russia, the U.S. will not hesitate to destroy Europe economically and will organize the accelerated collapse of the EU, acting on the principle of Othello: “So you don’t belong to anyone”. Europe is in such a dire economic and political situation, that it is not a problem for Washington to organize its disintegration and chaos on the territory of the EU.

No matter how much the domestic and foreign policies of Merkel are criticized, we should not forget about one of her truly remarkable achievements. This achievement is called “Peaceful life”, and it is much more important than all the blunders and mistakes of Merkel altogether. That until today, the economic war that the U.S. is waging against Russia with Europe’s hands has not turned into a real hot war of the USA against Russia on the territory of Russia and Europe, is Merkel’s huge personal achievement. Operating with the resources which remain available to her under the current circumstances, Merkel deliberately prevents a military confrontation between the EU and Russia, so desperately needed by Washington. That in itself characterises Merkel as a politician with outstanding diplomatic abilities. Let’s not forget about it in the heat of any criticism and accusations against Mrs. Merkel.

To be continued in Part 3.4 coming soon!

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