#BeerForLimbs: American instructors treat limbless Ukrainian vets as props for war training


July 7, 2015
Alexander Chopov (Facebook)
Posted by Kristina Rus
So this video is about as messed up as it gets – US instructors, sent to Ukraine to train Ukrainian army to kill its own citizens in East Ukraine, are training soldiers to evacuate the wounded using limbless veterans of the civil war in the East.
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“Putin’s troll factory” keeps accusing the Ukrainian government of being fascist. This reeks of it – Nazi’s didn’t mind using humans as guinea pigs in their twisted experiments.

This video is proof of how the US instructors and the government in Kiev treats people it sent to die in Donbass. These people, who are praised as “heroes” are thrown into dirt and mud – something any normal army uses mannequins for. And that proves one thing clearly – for his government and the Americans like John McCainHillary ClintonVictoria NulandU.S. Senator Lindsey Graham and others backing it, this disabled, limbless Ukrainian soldier, now has the same value as a piece of lifeless plastic.

I showed this video to Алексей Журавко , my Facebook friend, who was Ukraine’s ombudsman for the disabled 2013-2014. He was shocked and appalled. Not only does this treatment go against everything the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities of 2006 stands for, it goes against the Geneva Conventions – a civilized army would not treat POW’s the way Ukrainian government and American instructors treat this man – a Ukrainian!!

What kind of future awaits Ukraine if even the people who gave up almost everything for Kiev’s bloody civil war are treated this way? Петро Порошенко calls the armed coup in Kiev in 2014 “Revolution of dignity”. Throwing a limbless veteran (who is most likely suffering from post-traumatic disorder) into simulated combat, reminding him of the most tragic day of his life is what is considered “dignity” in modern day Ukraine…

The worst part (you don’t see it in this video, but it was in another I can’t currently find), was when the American instructor tells the veteran that he (the American) will buy him a beer for his troubles.

Americans love to come up with catchy-sounding programs – “Cash for Clunkers”, “Oil for Food”, I suggest we call America’s support of the warmongering government in Kiev “Beer for Limbs” from now on – #beerforlimbs

Dear friends, this can not stand! I ask my American lawyer friends to help me and Oleksiy Zhuravko draft a formal request to the U.S. Army , Barack ObamaU.S. Department of Veterans AffairsU.S. Military on FacebookMilitary.comInternational Association for Disabled Sailing (IFDS)Disability.govInvisible Disabilities AssociationDisabled Veterans’ LIFE Memorial , etc, to explain if using disabled war veterans as mannequins is common practice in US Army training.

I ask any doctors out there to analyse what such subhuman treatment might do to the psyche of a man who lost his limbs in war.

I ask all decent lawyers, journalists, politicians, humanitarians and diplomats like Congressman Ron Paul Rand PaulDana RohrabacherEarl BlumenauerSergey Gladysh ,Tatyana Igorevna, Ilya LisunovEvgeny AgoshkovМИД России and others to help file formal complaints to the United Nations Human Rights
the United Nations Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and others.

I ask my friends who served in the US Armed Forces – Michael GonenJanis ButkevicsJohn Mooney, Chris Yeazel, Joshua David and others to please tell me if treating disabled PTSD veterans like this is common practice for American soldiers?

You can think whatever you want of Putin, Crimea, Ukraine or anything else for this matter. But if you have a shred of human decency, you will be appalled by this video. This is apolitical. This is a matter of morals and ethics. Please help me write the letters and complaints, and please help spread the word of this – no human being, especially one who suffered such loss, should be treated this way!

Shame on these American instructors! Shame on Ukrainian Army!

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