Hungarian “Jobbik” party demands Budapest to protect Hungarians in Transcarpathia


July 16, 2015

Translated by Kristina Rus

Hungarian far-right party “Jobbik” demanded that the government protects and enforces the rights of the Hungarian community in Transcarpathia.

” “Jobbik” expects that the Hungarian government will make every effort to protect the Transcarpathian Hungarian community. This is not a theatre of hostilities in Eastern Ukraine. This is happening two steps from Hungarian settlements in Transcarpathia, in the vicinity of the border. We warned long ago that the “Right sector” is a real threat, and now, alas, it is confirmed”, — said the deputy head of the party, Stephen Sawai.


According to earlier reports one of the victims of the shootout in Mukachevo was in fact Hungarian.

Transcarpathia became a part of Ukrainian Socialist Republic in 1945. In some settlements no Russian or Ukrainian is spoken to this day.

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