In a year, Ukrainians will be ready for ANYTHING


July 21, 2015

In a year, Ukrainians will be ready for ANYTHING

By Andrey Vadzhra

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

So how are the psychological effects of a year’s worth of “national liberation struggle” shaping up? They are nothing short of remarkable, in my view. Especially concerning hard-core nationally conscious Ukrainians. There is no evidence Ukrainian patriotic mood or eurointegrationism are on the rise. The trends are all negative.

Kiev International Sociology Institute reports that 47.7% of Ukrainians are prepared to allow the Russian language to be an official one in UKraine. 40.7% are ready to give up joining NATO, while 33.9% to abandon European integration.

33.3% are ready to recognize the separation of Crimea from Ukraine for the sake of peace, 26.4% think likewise about giving DPR and LPR autonomy, 24.7% to amnesty the “separatists”, and 21% is willing to federalize all of Ukraine. 18.7% are ready to recognize DPR/LPR independence, 15.3% to transfer them to Russia in their entirety, while 5.8% is ready to give up all of southern and eastern Ukraine up to the Dnepr river line. 

The poll included a question concerning the respondent’s most acceptable  means of resolving the armed conflict on the Donbass. 56.8% identified continuing negotiations and peaceful resolution on the basis of Minsk Agreements.

As we can see, things are moving…The coup, economy in the toilet, and the civil war slowly and surely are driving a wedge between the majority of Ukrainians and the “ideals” of the Maidan, Eurointegration, and the ATO. Give it a year, and 90% will be ready for ANYTHING just so that the hell they are inhabiting comes to an end. They still haven’t realized that their hell is called UKRAINE, and it too can be  given up, just like everything else.

All of that is being accompanied by a rapid collapse of Poroshenko’s and Yatsenyuk’s popularity rankings and of the entire Ukrainian state. Which raises the following question: how do the representatives of the current Ukrainian regime plan to continue holding on to power?

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