Junta Darling Lyashko’s Russian Ring Busted


July 3rd, 2015

– Rusvesna – translated by Joaquin Flores – 

According to a source in law enforcement agencies, it has been exposed that funds from the company RSP were used in a financial pyramid to provide financial support for the leader of the Radical Party of Ukraine, Oleg Lyashko. 

Subsequently, the head of the nationalists illegally redirected this money for the needs of Ukrainian military units (‘APU’).

Previouslym Russian law enforcement agencies raided branches of LLC CPR, which were part of the financial pyramid, and detained 19 people suspected of fraud. By organizing a so-called Russian social program, people from Ukraine deceived depositors, promising alternative to standard loans in the form of state support for citizen.

According to the “program”, the company acquired for the customer property, including real estate, the payment of which was allegedly conducted on preferential terms. The document even prescribed minimum requirements for citizens: it was only necessary to make a 5 to 20% down-payment of the value of the desired property.

A source in law enforcement agencies reported that the activities of the FPR affected hundreds of thousands of people in Russia. Moreover, few of them were able to have their down-payments returned.

According information about the operation, all proceeds from the fraudsters were then transferred to the account of affiliated organizations and individual entrepreneurs. Then, the cash was transported to Ukraine, where it was spent on the needs of the APU.

Law enforcement officials have conducted more than 150 searches in the offices of the financial pyramid, in which documents have been seized relating to the crimes, as well as to seize property. In total 19 suspects were arrested, including the organizer of the financial pyramid, in Moscow, Lipetsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk and Buryatia.

Security forces carried out operations in Lipetsk, where they detained another operator of the pyramid – Tatiana Maslova – director of the company Ruslan Mehdiyev. Large-scale searches and detention of participants in the fraudulent scheme were carried out in the offices of the operation in all regions. With respect to the organizers and participants, criminal cases have been initiated and investigated on the grounds of crimes under the article “Organization of a criminal network”, “fraud”, “Laundering of money.”

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