Updated: Machine guns and dead bodies: what to expect from a business meeting Ukrainian style (video)


July 14, 2015


Translated by Kristina Rus

A situation in the Ukrainian city of Mukachevo is escalating.

About 20 fighters from the Right Sector, prohibited in Russia, captured a local police patrol station and shot several police cars from mortars. 3 people were killed, 9 wounded. SBU and the interior ministry are evacuating local population. Nikita Vasilyev looked for the reasons of the attack.

About 20 fighters from the Right Sector came to the city on several SUV’s with machine guns to a meeting with a local deputy Mikhail Lagno. Apparently the associates of the businessman were not impressed by this dress code. A talk over coffee in a cafe grew into a shootout. Right Sector fighters had retreated to a sports club, continuing firing. 

Then the fighters moved to the outskirts of the city, captured a  police patrol post. Blocked the road, shot three police cars from mortars. Even civilians were caught up in it.

Nine people have been transported to the hospital, 4 spetsnaz and 5 civilians. The first one, wounded in the head, was in critical condition.

After loosing 2 fighters, the rest fled to the mountains. From there they talked about the reasons for a meeting. Right Sector fighter: 

“We have been asked to come for a talk three days ago by a criminal kingpin Blyuk [aka Rada deputy Mikhail Lagno – KR], unhappy that our fighters are patrolling the border and blocking contraband. [Read: collecting the contraband ‘tax’ – KR] There were 12 of us, about 100 titushki with weapons were expecting us at the sports base. Bryuk told me, this is his land, and the contraband business is all his”

[Titushki – anyone opposing Maidan supporters or the radicals in Ukraine. Maidan term for anti-Maidan activists  – KR] 

Police and SBU came to the scene. National guard and Spetsnaz were brought to the city.

The attackers were found in the woods. They were offered to surrender, but they refused to do anything without their leader, Dmitry Yarosh’s orders.

Poroshenko demanded to urgently capture the criminals. But the Right Sector maintains its fighters were the victims:

“The Right Sector of Transcarpathia tried to fight with corruption of police, which is protected by the oligarch Medvedchyuk in Transcarpathia.  Today there was an attempt to physically destroy the Right Sector of Transcarpathia. Two actvists of the Right Sector have been killed on the streets of a peaceful city by hired titushki” – Artem Skoropadsky, press secretary of the Right Sector.

The Right Sector presented its demands:  arrest of deputy Lagno.

Ukraine has raised black and red banners. Radicals were called to assemble near the administration of Poroshenko. 

The main demand – resignation of the Interior Minister, Arsen Avakov.

Another organization prohibited in Russia took the side of the Right Sector – battalion OUN.

Activists were called to join protests across the country. Protests in Lvov, Ternopol, Kherson, Poltava, Dnepropetrovsk have been declared indefinite.

Chants: “Revolution, Revolution!”

The leadership of the Right Sector went to Transcarpathia to negotiate with the fighters and keep an eye on the investigation.

Slovakia authorities strengthened security near the border.

The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine had announced that these events will affect the prospects of a visa-free regime with the EU. The diplomats said that after a real firefight on the border with the EU it will be difficult to convince neighbors that security risks are minimized.  

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