Maidanology: Andrey Vadzhra’s 13 Laws


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July 26, 2015

Maidanology: Andrey Vadzhra’s 13 Laws

By…Andrey Vadzhra

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

1. If there is a possibility to organize a Maidan in Ukraine, it will be organized even if it;s impossible to organize.

2. Maidan is a consequence of treason leading to new treason in the name of fighting treason.

3. Ukraine is Maidan spread across space and time.

4. There is no Maidan capable of reaching the ultimate victory.

5. There is no Maidan victory which is also not a defeat.

6. Out of all possible Maidans, the one that causes Ukraine the most harm is the one that will actually take place.

7. In Ukraine there’s always a reason for a Maidan, even if there’s no reason to have a Maidan.

8. Everything that happens in Ukraine leads to a Maidan.

9. There is no final Maidan (any Maidan is merely a prelude to the next Maidan).

10. Maidan’s power is directly proportional to the level of Maidan participants’ mental disorders.

11. Maidan is a process which does not require results.

12. Maidan’s objective never coincides with Maidan participants’ objective.

13. You can’t have too much stupid in a Maidan.

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