Meanwhile France quietly unfreezes Russian bank accounts


July 13, 2015

Crimson Alter

Translated by Kristina Rus

The news is not so new, but passed unnoticed by the Live Journal, at least as I see it. Compared to the hysteria at the time of arrest of accounts, everything went quietly, casually and unnoticed by the patriotic bloggers.

Here’s what happened:

“In France the accounts of Russian companies have been unblocked. This was stated by the head of VTB 24, Mikhail Zadornov. “Literally within one day all demands were appealed, and account unblocked,” said Zadornov.
In June in France and Belgium state property was arrested and accounts of several Russian companies were blocked in connection with the court’s decision on the claims of the former Yukos shareholders.”

Here is what your obedient servant wrote on June 18: 

“Most likely, the incident will bubble in the media for a couple of weeks and then will die out as the bailiffs will be receiving letters with the same answers:  we have no assets of the Russian Federation and debts to the Russian Federation…
Conclusions: the incident will fizzle out on its own with the probability of 99%, without long-term consequences. But everyone will have an opinion on this subject, from Yakunin and Leontiev and to ukro-bloggers and nutty patriots.”

Fort Russ translation: “The arrest of Russian assets exists only in the media

In practice, the instinct of self-preservation, after stimulation with the threat of the use of the principle of reciprocity, works wonders. Periodically, the Yukos case will flare up in different jurisdictions, but with about the same prospects, with a very unlikely, but possible exception of the USA.

Now you can go back a month ago and see who wrote what, and assess the level of adequacy, psychological stability and professional experience. In general, it turned out well. Some write sober assessments, some run around shouting “The midget will get his punishment! Putin flushed! Putin flushed! Every reader will find a writer to their liking. To my blog I invite those who are interested in analysis without tantrums. 

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