Movie of the Week: March on the Drina


July 2, 2015

Movie of the Week: March on the Drina

By J.Hawk

Even though there are enough Russian movies to keep this feature going for decades (centuries?), sometimes its worthwhile to recognize the fact that other countries are in the film business too and, like Russia, use it as an educational tool for spreading the knowledge of their country’s history.

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Serbia is not an exception, and the film in question deals with one of the opening battles of World War I in which the battle-experienced Serb army under the capable leadership of Marshal Radomir Putin Putnik successfully resisted efforts at European integration invasion by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Not that the comparison is made entirely in jest: today’s EU’s is a lot like the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the day. Germans trying to retain control of their dying empire by pitting nationalities against one another (let’s not forget how many virulent nationalisms originated on the territories of the empire, including Ukraine’s Banderism–and it’s not exactly an accident of history that Hitler was an Austrian) and, once that begins to fail, through military expansion.

So, in recognition of the continuing geopolitical importance of the Balkans, Serbia heroic history, and as a hat tip to our many regular readers from the Balkans, here’s the March on the Drina, subtitles and all.

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