Mukachevo-2: Aidar Battalion takes over a village


July 28, 2015

Mukachevo-2: Aidar Battalion takes over a village

By Aleksandr Vorontsov

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

It would seem that the Mukachevo Syndrome is spreading all over Ukraine. After the Right Sector’s Transcarpathia raid remained unpunished and the Tornado company was not disbanded by merely transferred to a different part of the country, the militants from the so-called “volunteer” battalions have finally lost it.

In the evening of 26 July, two companies from the Aidar Battalion arrived at the Meliorativnoye station of the Novomoskovsk precinct of the Dnepropetrovsk Region. They were supposed to get into trucks and drive to a local training area near Gvardeyskoye for exercises. However, they couldn’t complete that simple task without scandalous banditry.

Novomoskovsk Poleznaya Gazeta writes that, while offloading personal and equipment, the Aidar militants suddenly were struck by a desire to cruise the town. To make matters worse, there was a Lenin monument in the center of the village. And nothing raises the “nationally conscious” patriots’ blood pressure than a monument to the leader of the world proletariat. Plus it’s safer to fight monuments than the Donbass militia.

without thinking too much, or rather without thinking at all, they
rammed the monument using a BMP-1. Victory, right? Time to celebrate and
drink champagne! But the stone Lenin turned out to have defenders.

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journalists report that two hundred local inhabitants quickly assembled
and went to the station. The guards at the station started to shoot
into the air to prevent them from entering the station. One of the local
inhabitants was injured. He is at a medical facility, it’s not known
how seriously he’s injured.

The information was confirmed by Pavel Selikhov, the head of the local administration.

“When I arrived, the chief of local police was already on the site along with his officers and SBU representatives. They discussed Aidar’s actions for a long time but it didn’t lead to anything. The people dispersed only around 3am. They organized transport to Gvardeyskiy in order to prevent further clashes with the local population. The are working on that right now.”

He also said that the battalion’s second half is being loaded in the Lugansk Region for transport to Meliorativnoye and subsequently to the Gvardeyskoye training area.

“As of today 300 members of Aidar have arrived, and we are expecting 200 more. Their actions on the central square is what outrages the locals the most. Aidar commanders justify the actions of their troops by saying that they just left a combat zone and couldn’t leave a Lenin monument standing,” Selikhov added.

Journalists arrived at the site around 10 a.m. and saw the town was in a rage. Outraged locals were trying to break through to the local police chief Igor Repeshko and to the military prosecutors, but they were not let through by the police. Regional MVD chief went to talk to the outraged crowd but he refused media requests for comment.

Journalists learned that Aidar went to war not with the monument but with the local population right after its arrival. The locals explained that Aidar militants provoked conflicts and beat up several locals, saying they came to “cleanse” the village of its pro-Russian sentiments. It would seem that even the name Novomoskovsk left an indelible impression on the neo-Nazi militants who are used to fighting civilians and monuments. The locals also said it’s not the first incident of this kind, and that invariably drunk UAF soldiers acted like genuine bandits.

Thus the Mukachevo Syndrome is continuing, with the “bandit battalions” and the Right Sector behaving like genuine occupiers on captured territory. The local inhabitants still don’t understand those aren’t isolated incidents by individual “defenders”, but ordinary conduct by Ukraine’s marginals who were given weapons and told they were “the defenders of the Motherland.” Of course, their motherland is the pirate island of Tortuga into which Maidan transformed Ukraine.

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