Mukachevo Postlude: Right Sector threatens Kiev: “If we have to, we’ll send reserve battalions against the Presidential Office and the Interior Ministry”


Sputnik Deutschland

July 12, 2015

Translated from German by Tom Winter

After the fighting in western Ukraine: Pravi Sektor sets up its own checkpoints to Kiev. 

After the fighting with the Security Forces in the west Ukrainian city of Mukachevo, Pravi Sektor has threatened a campaign against Kiev. The nationalist organization has has already set up roadblocks on the approaches to the capital, so that police cannot bring in back-up. 

Alexei Byk, spokesman for Pravi Sektor’s 13th Batallion, held a press conference Sunday in Kiev. “On the highway between Schitomir and Kiev there is already a checkpoint set up,” he said. The spokesman for Pravi Sektor, Artyom Skoropadski asserted that similar checkpoints would be set up as needed on other streets. “Not just up to Kiev, but also in other places, so the police cannot get through, neither to Transcarpathia nor to Kiev.”

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The spokesman would not rule out sending their battalions to Kiev if needed. Country-wide, Pravi Sektor claims two dozen battalions. Only two of them are engaged in the eastern Ukrainian industrial region of Donetsk, said Skoropadski. The others are in training camps in other regions, as reserves. “We cannot pull men from the front, but we can call up the reserves now in training for help,” said the Pravi Sektor spokesman. “We’ll send the reserve battalions against the Presidential Office or the Ministry of the Interior if we have to.”

Saturday heavily armed Pravi Sektor fighters skirmished in Mukachevo with the local Security Forces. In the exchanges of fire, one civilian and two Pravi sektor fighters were killed, and 14 were wounded. The nationalists set three police cars, a police station, and a gas station on fire with machine gun fire and rocket propelled grenade launchers. 

The city, which is just 30 km from the European border, had to be partly evacuated. Subsequently, the Ultras barricaded themselves in the nearby town of Lavki. The Security Forces ringed the area and called on the Extremists to surrender.

The thugs of Right Sektor had played a major role in the Maidan rioting of February 2014 that led to the expulsion of President Viktor Yanukovich. Since the overthrow, the nationalists have been fighting on the side of the regular army against opponents of the regime in the east of Ukraine. In April of this year, the Kiev regime melded the thugs of Pravi Sektor into the Ukrainian Army as contract soldiers. At that time the Nationalist leader Dmitri Yarosh became adviser to the head of the Ukrainian general staff.

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