Nalivaichenko Naming Names


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July 1, 2015

Nalivaichenko Naming Names

By Olga Talova

Translated from Russian by J.Hawk

The dismissed SBU head Nalivaichenko started giving up his accomplices. The former press service director clearly understands that the Prosecutor General could “hang” all the junta’s crimes, starting from the Maidan shootings and ending with the Odessa burnings. Therefore Nalivaichenko started to deliver suitcases of incriminating evidence. One of the first published dossier concerned his predecessor Aleksandr Turchinov who currently heads the SNBO.

Nalivaichenko leveled pretty heavy accusations against Turchinov. He claims he had to restore documents destroyed on Turchinov’s orders. They included information on Semyon Mogilevich, destroyed in 2005 when Turchinov headed the SBU.

“In late May 2006, President Yushchenko transferred me to the SBU and ordered me to clarify the situation around Mogilevich, including his connections to Ukrainian politicians and businessmen. I can confirm that all the documents pertaining to the diversion of billions of hryvnya from the budget into shady operations ran by organized criminals, for which Mogilevich was responsible, were destroyed in 2005,” Nalivaichenko said.

When asked a follow-up question by a Glavred journalist whether it happened during Turchinov’s tenure, he answered affirmatively. Nalivaichenko also said he was able to restore 70% of the dossier.

“Until the end of 2008, I was responsible for cooperation between SBU and various foreign special services, which made it possible for us to restore 70% of the documents concerning the Mogilevich case,” said Nalivaichenko. He also announced that he personally ordered to arrest Mogilevich in case he tried to leave Ukraine. “Our foreign partners were also prepared to do so. We understood that the key element in his arrest would be ascertaining additional information pertaining to criminal activity in the gas industry in which Ukrainian officials participated. He was a very valuable source of information. I am sure they understood it in Russia, where Mogilevich was ultimately arrested.” “Moreover, in the process of restoring the case we were able to prevent
the government from establishing a gas intermediary in Switzerland that
would be under his control.”Nalivaichenko noted.

The April 2006 US ambassador report concerning his meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko, published by Wikileaks and the Russkiy Reporter web site, states that Lutsenko was tasked by the Prosecutor General office to arrest the closest associates of Yuliya Timoshenko–Turchinov and Kozhemyakin–as part of the investigation of the “Mogilevich case” destruction by the SBU.

Lutsenko ignored these recommendations since “he worked for Yuliya.” Nalivaichenko’s current revelations directly affect Turchinov as well as Lutsenko, the leader of the presidential Rada faction who provided cover for corruption. This is a very untimely set of revelations on the eve of another elections, but it’s clear that Nalivaichenko still has a lot to share with the patriotic public.

J.Hawk’s Comment: The more of this stuff is coming out, the less likely it seems Poroshenko is behind the whole thing. Indeed, the only real beneficiaries are the likes of Lyashko, Semenchenko, Tyagnibok (currently out of the Rada, but that’s what the next elections are for, right?), and other extreme parties who can quite correctly point out they had nothing to do with any of it! Poroshenko appears to be going along with it, though. Is it fear? Or simple opportunism?

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