“NATO should bomb Kiev like they did for peace in Serbia”


Kharkov News Agency

June 30, 2015

Original headline:

Lithuanian MP suggested imposing peace by bombing Kiev

Please note: Though the Kharkov News agency just now published this item, Jedinsky made his suggestion August 29, 2014, as we learn from further sources, for instance Regnum, and from KINT.  We feel that as long as Kiev’s “Anti-Terrorist Operation” goes on, this news is sardonically timeless, and counts as a well-deserved satire on the ways of NATO. 

Translated by Tom Winter

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NATO should intervene in the conflict in Ukraine and start bombing Kiev to “force” the Ukrainian authorities to make peace. This view was expressed today by deputy of the Lithuanian Seimas (Parliament) Zbigniew Jedinski.

“Putin is a criminal, because he allowed the bloodshed in the south-east of Ukraine. As the leader of the neighboring country he should have introduced a peacekeeping force to separate the belligerents. NATO should take the initiative and begin bombing Kiev, to force peace like it did when NATO bombed Belgrade in Serbia to recognize Kosovo’s independence,” wrote Jedinski on his social media page.

Recall that in March-June 1999, NATO forces carried out a military operation in Serbian territory military, including the strategic bombing of military and civilian facilities. It involved more than 500 aircraft. Military strategic facilities were subject to air raids in all major cities of Yugoslavia, including Belgrade.

Note that Jedinski is a member of the People’s Deputy faction, Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania. According to the results of the last parliamentary elections the party was part of the ruling coalition and the government. However, after an internal conflict with the leader of the Social Democrats, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevicius came out of it and is now in the opposition.

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