NATO’s sabre-rattling makes NATO nervous


Allgemeine Morgenpost Rundschau

August 9, 2014

Another Florian Schaar satire, even more apt today.

July 30, 2015

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Translated from German by Tom Winter

With great concern NATO observes the permanent concentration of NATO troops on Ukraine’s borders. Every day new messages and satellite images come in that suggest that NATO could intervene in Ukraine.

“We are very worried, said NATO Secretary General Anders Behring Rasmussen. A NATO spokesman added “The permanent troop concentration of NATO on the border with Ukraine has to stop!” NATO Secretary General Rasmussen called upon NATO Secretary General Rasmussen to end the provocations and withdraw the troops.

There is more disturbing information, which shows the constant awareness of NATO: NATO has observed that several NATO warships in the Black Sea are a permanent presence. This is a provocation against Ukraine, a Black Sea bordering state. NATO has thus broken the Treaty of Montreux, on the presence of warships in the Black Sea. [If you are not a state with a Black sea shoreline, the Montreux Convention says you can’t keep warships in the Black Sea. 21 days, and you’ve got to be out of there — tr] A NATO warship of the US, a non-riparian State, remained in the Black Sea more than the 21 days allowed by the Treaty. This includes the USS Taylor, that overstayed the Montreux Convention’s warship limits for the Black Sea through February and March.

“These incidents show us that NATO has no interest in compliance with international treaties. For Ukraine, this can mean nothing good,” said the NATO spokesman.

Moreover, NATO had also stationed troops in neighboring Poland. Supplies could be brought in directly from Lithuania – should it come to the real thing.

“According to our information NATO has deployed 12 F16 fighter jets in Poland. 300 US soldiers are to follow.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed her concern about this disturbing news. “I find that very disturbing.” Merkel was quoted as saying. She has already phoned NATO Secretary General Anders Rasmussen and called on him to withdraw the troops to prevent further destabilization of Ukraine. 

“If NATO continues to escalate, then we will soon have a third world war,” warned the NATO spokesman. NATO countered that the allegations were unfounded. There are no specific troop movements underway. In addition, the racist tone of NATO was criticized. The term “Black” sea was inappropriate. The waters were only over-colorized.

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