Negotiations to Remove Putin Underway: Evgeny Fedorov [video]

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July 11th, 2015

New Insight translation (youtube)

Public statements by the US Government and Russia’s oligarchs indicate an ongoing negotiation for the extradition of Vladimir Putin and the dissolution of the Russian Federation.

That’s the interpretation of Evgeny Fedorov, who details the mechanisms of leverage over Russia’s decision-makers in the business and state sectors.

Also explained is the opportunity for rapid industrialization and prosperity (in Russia, Greece and elsewhere) by introducing low interests rates and credit expansion for investment, in the context of the ongoing struggle for national sovereignty and self-determination.

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00:00 – Aggression against Russia.

08:00 – Construction of the coup d’état.

20:42 – Traitors in positions of power.

31:49 – Greece.

33:20 – Origins of NOD (National Liberation Movement).

English subtitles. Transcript in the comments.
Original from, no subtitles :……

Evgeny Fedorov is a Deputy of the State Duma and the coordinator of the National Liberation Movement for restoring sovereignty of Russia.

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