No permanent NATO bases for Poland


July 21, 2015

No permanent NATO bases for Poland

Translated from Polish by J.Hawk

NATO summit planned for July 2016 in Warsaw will not take the decision to establish permanent NATO bases in Poland, John A.Heffern, the Deputy Head of European Affairs for the US State Department told newspaper Rzeczpospolita. The decision was made in spite of Polish diplomats’ efforts to establish such bases.

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Heffern assured that Poland will experience “permanent rotational presence” of US troops. “We’ll be with you for as long as necessary,” he said. Germany came out against permanent NATO bases in Poland. NATO committed itself in the 1997 Russia-NATO Founding Act not to base “significant forces” on the territory of new member states.

However, Redzikowo (near Slupsk) will see the construction of a US ABM launch system. It will be ready by 2018 and it’s supposed to defend Europe and the US against Iranian attacks. “The agreement with Teheran does not apply to missiles, that threat still remains,” Heffern added. He also said the Iranian missiles would not be nuclear-tipped as a result of the agreement.

J.Hawk’s Comment: I guess we’ll never know whether the decision not to permanently base US conventional forces in Poland was due to Germany’s opposition or regardless of Germany’s opposition. Either way, it’s evident the West values cooperative (if not necessarily friendly) relations with Russia more than the future of Ukraine. If the Right Sector is suddenly opting against EU and NATO integration, it’s because it finally dawned on its leadership those are not attainable goals for Ukraine in any event, given Russia’s opposition to them and the West’s unwillingness to challenge Russia over that issue.

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