Polish vehicle used in Mukachevo fight


July 15, 2015

Polish vehicle used in Mukachevo fight

Translated from Polish by J.Hawk

The machine gun-armed vehicle which took part in the Mukachevo gun battle had Koscierzyna registration tags, reports Radio Gdansk. A video appeared on the Internet showing men firing, probably on a police vehicle, from a car with Pomerania plates. The video was made available by a journalist and Rada Deputy from the Poroshenko Block [most likely Mustafa Nayyem].

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Radio Gdansk journalist established the vehicle is a Nissan Navara produced in 1998. It belonged to a Koscierzyna businessman until the October of last year. He found out his former vehicle is used in the Ukraine fighting only from the Radio Gdansk reporter. He was most surprised by this fact.

The businessman informed Radio Gdansk he used it for 16 years to transport concrete segments and stones. He eventually decided to sell the all-terrain vehicle for scrap due to corrosion. However, a buyer appeared who payed 1500 zl [about $500] for the vehicle. The transaction contract described the vehicle as damaged and requiring repairs.

The new owner was a woman from a small village near Stezyca. We were not able to contact her. The vehicle’s further adventures are therefore unknown as of now.

J.Hawk’s Comment: It sure doesn’t say much for the Right Sector’s business prowess if it is reduced to buying junkers from Poland. If this is supposed to be the organization capable of toppling the Kiev government, then Poroshenko has nothing to fear indeed.

Moreover, as I commented earlier, the vehicle probably ended up in Ukraine because it was purchased by a Ukrainian worker or student in Poland, who then took it back to Ukraine and used it in his Right Sector activities or simply sold it to the Right Sector. It’s unlikely in the extreme this vehicle was part of any Polish aid package to the Ukraine.

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