Right Sector clash with Kiev authorities relieves the pressure on Novorossia front (video)


July 14, 2015

South Front

Posted by Kristina Rus

The extremist group “Right Sector” involved in a punitive operation of the Kiev authorities against Donbass is leaving their positions at the demarcation line, DPR Defense Ministry reported yesterday. Therefore, the number of ceasefire violations over the past 24 hours has decreased. The information appeared after armed clashes in Mukachevo of Transcarpathian region in the Western Ukraine between the “Right Sector” militants and local police resulted in bloodshed. 

However, Kiev forces have violated the ceasefire regime 38 times in DPR over the last 24 hours. Pro-Kiev militants continue to use heavy weapons: artillery, battle tanks and mortars. The village of Spartak and Donetsk airport were the most intense artillery and mortar shelling. Also, Ukrainian military shelled residential areas of Donetsk, Gorlovka, Vasilyevka, Belaya Kamenka and Kalinovka. 

Yesterday LPR Ukrainian militants advanced in the sectors of Stannica Luganskaya, Nijnee, Bolotennoe and Sizoe. Novorossian warriors answered by small arms, grenade launchers and counter-battery fire and defended their positions.

On account of recent clashes Novorossian military lost 23 warriors injured, 1 truck destroyed, 1 battle tank damaged. In turn, pro-Kiev forces lost: 5 militants dead, 31 injured, 1 battle tank destroyed, 2 mortar batterys destroyed and 1 armored vehicle damaged. 

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