Right Sector justifies pillaging in the name of the liberation struggle


July 15, 2015

Vladimir Kornilov (Facebook)

Director of the Center for Eurasian Studies

Translated by Krisitna Rus

Why the raids on banks, looting of stores and gas stations, killings and robberies will continue in Ukraine in the near future explains the mouthpiece of the “Right sector,” Olena Bilozerskaya, defending these crimes with an ideological base. Here is the link: 

http://bilozerska.livejournal.com/919362.html .

For those who don’t understand Ukrainian, I explain: here Bilozerskaya, which is now proud to be killing people in Donbass, directly explains that “the right cause of the Right sector” requires money, lots of money! And by what means, at the cost of how many victims they will be found, it doesn’t matter for Ukraine.

Justifying the killers-righties in Mukachevo, Bilozerskaya writes: “People, you don’t know history. All folk heroes, from Robin Hood to Karmelyuk from any side you look, were robbers. Yes, Robin Hood robbed the “bad” and helped the “good”. And who was shot by the fighters of the Right Sector – little defenseless orphans? And where do all, including financial resources of the Right Sector go – if not a victory in the Liberation war?”

There you go. Believe, people, that Yarosh and Co. are robbing not for their own sake but for the sake of “liberation” – and be patient. This is why you hopped on Maidan to the tune of the same Yarosh, believe him and be patient, until he decides that you are too “bad” and unworthy of the amounts of money that you have accumulated.

Moreover, Bilozerskaya warns in advance that for the sake of “liberation war” any passer-by can become a target: “during such actions the targets were not necessarily armed thugs and their “roof”, but ordinary civilians – mailmen, cashiers, random visitors”.

“Think what huge money is needed to break the system – no matter which way it is broken. And if the system will allow its opponents to get a hold of that money – also, no matter what way,” – writes Bilozerskaya.

Well, Maidan has elevated banditism to the rank of “heroism”. The bandits now justify their banditism with Maidan. The only problem is the victims of this banditism will not only be the ones who jumped on Maidan, but thousands of people who had nothing to do with it…

PS. Let me remind you that just two years ago Bilozerskaya, thanks to the efforts of the “liberal” Mustafa Nayem won the competition of bloggers, organized by the German “Deutsche Welle.”

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