Right Sector loses its collective mind?

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July 20, 2015

Right Sector loses its collective mind?

Translated from Ukrainian by J.Hawk

So here are a couple of…gems…from the Right Sector twitter feed:

It quotes Taras Shevchenko: “Our home has its own truth and power and will.”

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But the illustration says, “A slave is a slave, irrespective of color.” At this pace, in about a week the Right Sector will recognize DPR and LPR as the legitimate Ukrainian government!

Oh, and there’s this one:

“Don’t finance the internal occupier! If you buy Roshen, you are financing the internal occupier!”

This one seems rather mild by comparison:

 “We’ve implemented reforms THIS BIG!”
If they keep it up, I may have to launch a Right Sector Week in Humor section…

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