Right Sector taking bribes together with police at checkpoints near Mukachevo


July 16, 2015

News Front, original (Ukr) Texty.org.us

Translated by Kristina Rus

Nizhniye Vorota, Transcarpathian region (near Mukachevo): “Ukrainian traffic police got heavy equipment”, writes the correspondent of “Austrian Courier” Stefan Schocher.

Schocher claims that he was stopped at a combined checkpoint of the national guard, traffic police, and — attention — the “Right sector”.

The same thing is confirmed by other sources: “Right sector”, the traffic police and the national guard are on duty together at the checkpoint 50 km from Mukachevo.

The new checkpoint has heavy equipment and several armored vehicles. In addition, there are trucks, and bulldozers ready to block the road at the overpass.

At the checkpoint the Austrian was told that he was drunk.

Schocher replied: “I only drank water, coffee and “Zhivchik” (Ukrainian version of Pepsi — ed.), in response to that police “expert” began to shout:

“Are you saying I’m lying ? I’m the expert and I’m saying you’re drunk”.

When a foreign journalist insisted on a blood test, the expert said he would do it himself, and showed his fist.

Soldier of the national guard laughed nearby.

The Austrian was asked for a bribe of € 70 for the test — Schocher was forced to pay by striking a deal for 30 Euros. Soldier of the national guard with a Kalashnikov continued to laugh.

“The incident did not leave the impression that you were robbed by Robinhoods. I understand, it’s nothing new — but this has never happened to me” — finishes the story the Austrian journalist.

“It turns out, Mukachevo Right Sector knows how to be friends with “damn cops”, if profitable,” – says journalist Olexa Shalaysky.

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