Right Sektor will seek a “No Confidence” referendum; name is now “National Liberation Movement”

Screen shot from video at source, Zvezda TV

July 21, 2015

Translated from Russian by Tom Winter
The head of the radical organization “Right Sector” (whose activities are prohibited in the territory of Russia – Ed.) Dmitry Yarosh announced the start of “a new stage of the Ukrainian revolution,” reported the local edition of “Today.” He made this statement speaking at Independence Square during a “Down with the Power of Traitors” rally held on July 21, attended by several thousand participants.

“From our very postponing going right now to smash the admin Building and everything else, we are demonstrating that we are a disciplined revolutionary force that is beginning a new stage of the Ukrainian revolution for this Chamber and our Congress,” said the radical leader.

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Yarosh added that “Right Sector” will initiate a referendum of no confidence in the current government, in favor of a total blockade of Donbass and requiring the legalization of the volunteer battalions. In addition, he announced that the organization is changing its name to “National Liberation Movement.”

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